Drake 21

A Week Later-21 Savage & Drake Really Did Something Special Here.

Rap music is really at its best when the upper echelon of the industry are collaborating. A week of digesting the album and all the group chat jokes, I must say it is in heavy rotation. A pretty sweet combination of wanting to call my middle school crush and quitting my 9-5 to pursue my career as a full time criminal.

The album, on top of its funny production, definitely made us laugh. With references to vasectomies, Teanna Trump, Serena Williams husband, Megan Thee Stallion, maybe Frank Ocean (might be reaching). I guess these are also the type of things that bring people back and boost those steaming numbers. 

Hopefully this is the type of project that brings the best together. I know it was cool when J. Cole went platinum without features multiple times, but we all know it’s better when rappers compliment each other and make the beats a competition rather than just making music strictly for the revenue. It produces a better product and that is why this album should clean up in the streams and have long lasting power. 

My last thought here is don’t compare it to Honestly, Nevermind. Music these days is at everyone’s disposal. You don’t have to go wait online and waste $14.99 for a CD. If you don’t like an album, don’t listen to it. Don’t say the artist should not release it, you know why? You might hate it and someone might love it. That’s why music is the best expression of communication. I am hoping this sparks a new trend within the industry because up until 2016 the best were working together to make hits rather than just stay among their own respective labels. 

Favorite Song: Circo Loco simply because of the “One More Time” sample. 


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