AH Jersey Rule: Dead, Retired or Retro

When it comes to sports gear I have proposed a new rule to myself and to those in the House. When you buy your next jersey please make sure the player is Dead, Retired or Retro. 

Before the next football season starts we would like to advise on the jersey rule that needs to become the standard here at AH. If you’re buying a jersey, do yourself, and the player, a favor and pass to get yourself a retro jersey. Dead or alive so all that jersey represents is a memory rather than your expectations. My favorite Steelers. Gone or Crazy. Signed AB jersey…the Jon Gruden Raiders bonanza started,  Rangers Captains? Traded. Browns and Jets fans have their own respectable Wall of Shames for all of their QBs of the past. I recommended to them at this point they might as well be used as toilet paper.  All I’m saying is for your sanity and for the safety of your favorite players whether that is health wise or for their spot on the roster you better avoid getting their jersey. All that typically follows is doom. That is why there is a Jerome Bettis jersey sitting in my cart waiting for me to get the balls to hit purchase. Fire up the Bus because we are closing in on the 2 weeks away from NFL Kickoff. 


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