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‘Attack on Titan’ Final Season Will Now Get a Part 3 in 2023

Bittersweet news for all my fellow anime fans who enjoy peak fiction. We must wait yet another year for the finale of The Final Season of Attack on Titan. AoT is going on year two of its “Final Season” with Part Two’s final episode premiering on April 3. 

The finale of Part Two concluded with Eren arriving to the mainland of Marley with the Rumbling. We were also given background on how his plan to wipe out humanity came to be; lying to Yelena and telling Floch and Historia what he really plans to do. Prior to that, we got some feel-good vibes between the Scouts with a flashback, as they all traveled to Marley where they were able to drink and spend a fun night together, before Eren left them all. They wouldn’t see him again until his Declaration of War.

I thought Part One was better overall than Part Two. No fault to MAPPA, because they’re just copying the manga beat-for-beat, but the pacing in Part Two was the worst in the entire series. However, the first five episodes were absolutely insane, and I think were some of the best episodes of the entire series. We got four slower paced episodes after that, catching up with everyone else not named Eren or Zeke, and then the final three episodes were back to being peak fiction.

I am not an anime only watcher. I read the ending of this story when the manga finished after Part One of The Final Season concluded. I couldn’t help myself, I don’t know what I would do if I had to wait another year for this show to end. I thought we were going to get a movie, but Part Three should only be roughly nine episodes, and they’ll be action-packed and very emotional. 

For me, knowing the ending of this show did not impact how I watched Part Two. I was still excited and blown away to see everything animated and to see the amazing voice actors (in sub, like a gentlemen) deliver iconic lines. If you’re anime only and you’ve lasted this long avoiding spoilers on the internet, then stay your course, I commend your bravery and resilience. If you can’t take the wait anymore, there is no shame in reading the manga from where the anime left off.

Attack on Titan’s anime will be 10 years old this time next year. Crazy to think about how long this anime has taken to finish. I am not a day one watcher, but I wish I was (I actually watched AoT for the first time before The Final Season premiered, not knowing the show wasn’t done lol).

For all of those who are caught up, I always try to share this video when I can, because it is really good. Enjoy.

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