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Corporate America: The Golden Handcuffs

Alright guys, we did it. Fighting for our lives with 50k-250k worth of education for a mere 10k in forgiveness. For some, that is their remaining balance; and for others, that doesn’t even make a dent. Regardless, it can be viewed as the equivalent of someone taking a shit on my floor and demanding a thank you for picking it up. Regardless of political views, backgrounds or however you identify as, if we want to bring any sort of unity, it is the fact that Corporate America is not that it’s all cracked up to be. The idea of it is fun, but then the honey moon phase ends after the first two months, and then you are wondering how the hell you even got to where you are?

Some of our parents commuted hours of their week in uncomfortable clothes to come home to be way too tired to do anything they dreamed of, or really enjoy. Kind of sad to think about as they sacrificed their lives for a generation where most won’t even get out of the first debt they take on at 18 years old. The sacrifices Gen Z is grateful for, but at the end of the day most of us do not want to make the same sacrifices after evaluating the surrounding circumstances. The cost does not seem to outweigh the benefits these days.

Our mission is to empower ourselves and become more than just our jobs. If you hear us talking about Credit Default Swaps, Operational processes or designs for a building while we are hanging out on a Saturday, punch us in the fucking face. If you work 40 hours a week you already allocated ~24% of your week just working. Don’t forget to add the other misc time that revolves around work. The getting ready, commute, delays and what not. The reason some of us do not get much sleep on the weekends is our effort to try to do as much as we can in our twenties. Will we pay for it later on? Most likely, but most of us played football or other sports and we would not trade those experiences for the world. 

Now that we are full-time adults, it draws us to think about what we are really doing with our lives. Being a virtual paper pusher, asking people to please advise by email or draw up a boring presentation. This is what we pulled all nighters in college for? Or listened to long sweaty speeches at our commencements? The choice is ultimately ours if we want to take control of our destiny. If not, just remember today is Friday, another week down, only 30-40 more years to go! Think about it while you watch seven hours of commercial free football.

Happy Friday everyone.

With Love,

The Animal House.

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