Domingo Germán Throws 24th Perfect Game in MLB History

For the 24th time in MLB history and the first time since Felix Hernandez did it in 2012, Yankees’ Domingo Germán threw a perfect game. Truly unbelievable to watch. 

It’s the fourth perfect game thrown in Yankees’ history. The first being Don Larson in Game 5 of the 1958 World Series, probably the greatest pitching performance of all-time given the scenario. Then, the Yankees had back-to-back years with prefect games, first with David Wells in 1998 and then David Cone in 1999, both at Yankees Stadium. 

King Felix’s run as the last pitcher to throw a perfect game lasted a long time. What makes baseball beautiful is that someone like Domingo German, not a household name, on a random Wednesday night in an empty Oakland Coliseum, could make baseball history.

As for the actual performance, every Perfect Game has one highlight defensive play that you look back at and say “that saved it,” and that came in the bottom of the 5th, courtesy of Anthony Rizzo.

German threw just 99 pitches to complete his masterpiece, another very impressive stat that indicates he was in complete control of the entire game, and didn’t waste pitches to any of the batters he faced. All the more impressive when you consider he had two horrific back-to-back starts heading into this outing, where he allowed 7 and 8 runs in just a total of 5.1 innings and had a season ERA over 5.00. 

I was only two and three years old when the most recent Yankees prefect games were thrown. I’ll soak up this milestone for my team that has been very up-and-down all year, who knows when the next time will be?

Hopefully this is the game that propels the team forward. 

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