Gambling Is The Next Crack Epidemic in America

Everyone’s doing it. It’s becoming legal in more and more places. People are lying about their day-to-day habits, and it is bringing in A LOT OF CASH. Sound familiar? I’m not talking about gambling. I’m talking about crack in the 1980s.

But here it is again, something served to you that may be fun at first until it sucks you down a hole you have never seen before. From seeing my friends not being able to watch a game without betting on it is all I needed to know. They simply have no control of yet another vice that has entered their life. Whether it’s drugs, cigs, alcohol, porn and now gambling at the tip of the fingers. They’re opening up accounts under their mom’s name and sneaking around their families backs. Like straight up crack heads.

We all know the bad beats, but just remember to check yourself. Big brands are marketing the one-in-a-million parlay ticket making yours think it is going to spank. It’s always a little about the chase. The free promos to get you to sign up and suck you in. Remember no heroin dealer is giving you that first sample out of the kindness of his heart. It’s that little sprinkle that he, let alone a company like DraftKings’s. Sales and marketing expenses increased $486.3 million, or 98.2%, to $981.5 million in 2021, from $495.2 million in 2020. It’s no secret they were getting New York legalized, and now they are on your ass knowing “the House always wins” in selling crack to crackheads.

Again, I’m not saying it won’t be here long term. What I am saying is IT WILL BE HERE LONG TERM. My problem is thinking about our generation’s behavior when you’re losing the house or your little pookie can’t get Huggies because an 18 year old missed a free throw. All I’m saying is if you or anyone you know is out of control get them help. Do not be the shmuck that talks about the one parlay they hit while you are lying to the world about you being down 3k. Just shut up and close your account you clown. Maybe start investing. Just remember they literally delivered crack to the crackheads right on your phone. The only regulation the states cared about was their own pockets and collecting taxes, NOT YOU. The only bright side is that you don’t have to gamble with a bookie who you can’t pay back and eventually get your legs broken.  

I’m going to wrap this up by saying March Madness is approaching people, so just protect ya neck. Stay sharp. Respectfully.


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