Doug P

Good Luck Dougy P, Philly Forever

On the eve of the four year anniversary of the Philadelphia Eagles’ one and only Super Bowl win in franchise history, the guy who was at the helm, Doug Pederson signs up to be the new commander in chief for the Jacksonville Jaguars. I will always have the utmost love and respect for Mr. Pederson, who made my dream as an Eagles fan come true on February 4th, 2018.The power struggle up above with Jeffrey Lurie and Howie Roseman along with Carson Wentz’s fatal struggles in the 2020 season are the two major reasons that Doug even had a year off as an NFL head coach. He is truly a gem. Heading into a position with the number one draft prospect from a year ago at quarterback, the number one draft pick in the upcoming draft, and a ton of cap space, I believe Doug has a real chance to be successful in a place that hasn’t truly seen sustained success. Since going head to head with the GOAT in the 2017 AFC championship, which ultimately led to the Eagles defeating the Patriots in Super Bowl 52, the Jaguars have landed in last place of the AFC South. That is four years straight of being the worst team in a division that doesn’t frighten most from top to bottom.All in all, this is just a long winded thank you and good luck to Doug Pederson. You are forever a Philly legend. Be great, just not great enough to beat the Eagles at Philly next year. And please give Wentz hell twice a year for as long as he can keep that job in Indi. Oh, and get the DUUUVAL guys used to being treated for some ice cream by a hell of a coach (see video below).

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