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Kanye and Travis Scott Should Make a ‘Vultures’ Type Album

What would happen if Kanye West and Travis Scott, joined together to create a Vultures type of album? The idea of such a collaboration would set the internet on fire. Both artists have proven their ability to still go number one on the charts. With their unique styles and innovative approaches to music production, a Kanye West-Travis Scott album could be a game-changer in an already exciting 2024.

Throughout their careers, Kanye West and Travis Scott have shown a mutual admiration and influence on each other’s work. Travis Scott’s early projects, such as Days Before Rodeo, demonstrated a clear Kanye West influence, while his latest album UTOPIA has a similar sound reminiscent of Kanye’s 2013 album Yeezus. By combining Kanye’s legendary production skills with Travis Scott’s dynamic energy and creativity, this hypothetical album has the potential to be a masterpiece.

Music History of Kanye West and Travis Scott Collaborations

These two have a long history of collaborations from music that may even expand to other ventures. From early on in Travis’s career, Kanye recognized his unique style and potential, inviting him to work on the Cruel Summer album. The 2012 collaborative project featured artists from West’s G.O.O.D. Music label. Travis co-produced several of the album’s top songs, gaining valuable experience and exposure in the process.

Some Previous Collaborations

  1. Cruel Summer (2012): Scott co-produced To The World, The Morning, and contributed to the Don’t Like remix.
  2. Yeezus (2013): Scott has production credits on I Am A God, New Slaves, and Guilt Trip.
  3. Owl Pharaoh (2013): Kanye west produced Upper Echelon ft. T.I. & 2 Chainz.
  4. Rodeo (2015): West is featured on Piss On Your Grave.
  5. Watch (2018): West is featured on this single alongside Lil Uzi Vert.
  6. ASTROWORLD (2018): The song SKELETONS apparently was originally intended for West.
  7. FUK SUMN (2024): Travis Scott has a short feature on Vultures 1, providing a small sample size. 

Influence on Each Other’s Sound

Kanye’s influence on Travis Scott is undeniable, with Scott himself acknowledging that he grew up listening to Kanye and was inspired by his unique style. This influence is particularly evident in Scott’s early projects, such as Owl Pharaoh and Days Before Rodeo, which feature production and sampling techniques reminiscent of Kanye’s work.

In turn, Travis’ fresh perspective and innovative approach to trap music have inspired West, who has incorporated elements of Scott’s sound into his more recent projects, such as The Life of Pablo and ye. The two artists continue to push each other creatively, resulting in a dynamic and evolving sound that resonates with their core audience. Despite what critics and fans thought about Yeezus, it has aged well 11 years after its release. If you don’t think so, take another listen back to back with UTOPIA. It is hard to say there is not a sound reminiscent of Kanye’s album years later.

Potential Elements of a Vultures Type of Album

Based on the musical styles and influences of Kanye West and Travis Scott, a potential Vultures type of album would likely incorporate a unique blend of genres and production techniques. Even though Kanye made Vultures with Ty Dolla $ign, my initial reaction was that Travis Scott should’ve been all over this project. Yeah he appeared for a small portion one track but that’s just scratching the surface of the potential. 

Give The People What They Want

Although fans are still waiting for Vultures 2 nobody really can confirm the date. Who knows if it will even be released on streaming platforms after the whole debacle with the original albums release. Regardless, it doesn’t mean that this joint album could not happen. The impact and influence these two visionary artists have had on each other’s careers and the music industry as a whole. By combining Kanye’s legendary production skills with Travis Scott’s dynamic energy, they could deliver a groundbreaking and commercially successful project. In an erratic industry fans can only hope that this idea turned into a reality. 


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