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Kodai Senga On The Road to Recovery Following a PRP Shot

Kodai Senga’s recent shoulder injury was a heartbreaking blow to the Mets and their fans. After coming on strong in his rookie year and securing the role as the rotation’s ace, he will begin this season on the IL. This is the third consecutive season that the projected opening day ace has fallen victim to the injury bug prior to Opening Day. As Mets fans hope for a speedy recovery, let’s take a look at what Senga is dealing with, when to expect his return, and evaluate who might step up in his absence.

What is a Posterior Capsule Strain?

The posterior capsule is a part of the shoulder joint that helps with stability and motion. A strain in this region can lead to instability, pain, and an inability to move the shoulder effectively. Senga felt some “discomfort” and “arm fatigue” as he began his Spring Training regiment. The Mets were smart to quickly shut him down and evaluate the issue.

The Treatment: PRP Injections

To address Senga’s injury, the medical team opted for a PRP injection. The PRP treatment involves extracting a sample of the patient’s blood and separating the platelets from other blood components using a centrifuge. The resulting plasma, rich in growth factors and proteins, is then injected into the site of injury to stimulate tissue repair and healing.

PRP Over Surgery?

PRP treatment offers several advantages over surgery. The recovery time for PRP injections is significantly shorter—only one to two months compared to exploring surgical options. Moreover, PRP treatments are less invasive, thus eliminating the risks associated with surgical procedures.

Senga’s Recovery Timeline

Following the PRP injection, Senga will undergo a shutdown period of at least three weeks to allow the treatment to work its magic. During this time, he will not engage in any throwing activities. Depending on how his shoulder responds to the treatment, the recovery timeline may extend. A return in late April seems unlikely at this point, and a more realistic estimate would place Senga’s comeback sometime in May. Mets fans will have their fingers crossed until his return date is announced.

Mets’ Response to Senga’s Injury

While the loss of their ace pitcher is a significant setback for the Mets, they do not seem to be in a rush to seek external help. David Stearns, the New York Mets President of Baseball Operations, stated that while the organization is open to opportunities, Senga’s injury does not alter their plans significantly. The team has opted to stick with the rotation depth they built this off-season, with players like Tylor Megill, José Butto, and Joey Lucchesi ready to step up. Max Kranick also threw two scoreless innings today against the Nationals as another potential solution. The Mets had already discussed a six-man rotation so we could see multiple players receiver opportunities.

The Power of Stem Cells and PRP in Sports Medicine

The use of PRP treatment in sports medicine has been gaining popularity in recent years. It’s not just Kodai Senga; many sports superstars like Kobe Bryant and Chris Davis have also turned to PRP to recover from injuries. The treatment leverages the body’s natural healing capabilities, making it an effective option for athletes looking to return to the field quickly.

Kodai Senga’s injury is undoubtedly a significant blow to the Mets, but his decision to opt for PRP treatment could see him return to the field sooner than expected with this type of diagnosis. While we await more updates on Senga’s condition, his injury serves as a test to the roster David Stearns put together this off-season. For a team that prioritized depth over star power this off-season, we will quickly see if this approach is going to pay off.


  • This article is purely informational and does not constitute medical advice. Always consult with a healthcare provider for any health concerns.
  • The article is based on the most recent information available as of the time of writing. Further updates on Senga’s condition may alter some of the details provided.

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