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Look Here! An Example How the Mainstream Media Spoon Feeds Us

Well, look at what we have here. I came across this today on Twitter dot com and figured I’d share a quick thought with you all.

What we have here is a perfect example of the current state of todays media. It’s all about what they spoon feed us, and that’s what drives discussion at the dinner table. The largest platforms with the largest audiences in the world are able to obtain the message they want us to know and believe. I must say they have mastered the practice of shoving it down your throat in such a way that most people give in without doing their own research. 

Typically, the ones who are the dumbest are the people who just repeat this rhetoric and do not want to hear any other ideas. Since 2020 the evidence is clear that these tv outlets are not going to give you any information worthwhile. I have noticed myself being happier and less angry since I removed it from my content diet. Just agendas forced down from upper-management at these corporate media firms for ratings and, more importantly, their bottom lines. You are either waiting for them to spoon feed you or you are finding other outlets in an attempt to keep yourself informed. Chances are once it hits the mainstream media, most of the world already has gone through social media, planted their feet in their opinions so now it’s just information warfare.

This doesn’t just happen in regular news media. This happens in sports media and other niches as well. To the point that the news fuels such a narrative that these people and their families receive hate mail and death threats! Their mothers! Could you imagine that? For dropping a pass, missing a free throw, tweeting something when they were a teenager. I’m sure you can think of other examples of the media sparking and fueling hatred. Stop and think of the impact this mob mentality brings to our society. All these channels are responsible for doing this. From constant degrading people to physical violence on occasions, people do not seem to notice how dangerous these narrative/agenda pushers are. Sometimes the initial report isn’t 100% accurate and when the real story officially comes out, it is already too late. The mob of hatred is already stuck in their ways. It’s a PR teams worst nightmare. 

The main point I am trying to get across is that, as consumers, we have to be aware of the message these channels and corporate giants have to gain from the message that they are spewing. Most of the times the result they are pushing and/or cheering for is typically good for their business, and how does it happen? If they control the minds of the masses. Most of the time it is not the information they present, but the information they omit.

That is all friends, just wanted to reiterate the importance of finding good outlets and staying informed to the best of your ability. Stay sharp.



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