Luka Doncic Should Be Embarrassed By How He Acted in Game 3 of the NBA Finals

ICYMI: Last night, after Game 3 of the NBA Finals, Brian Windhorst went on SportsCenter with Scott Van Pelt and absolutely laid into Luka Doncic for his lack of maturity and how he let his team down. Windhorst is 100 percent correct in his analysis. Luka spent the entire game complaining to officials, make or miss, and being attacked on defense before inevitably fouling out with four minutes left in the game.

Then today, you have this lackluster interview between ESPN’s Malika Andrews and Luka, where she gives him a few softball questions so he can “apologize” for not making the right decisions during the loss. I would encourage people to watch, if only for the fact they show most of his egregious flops during the interview.

Luka has all the talent in the world, but let’s call it like it is: he threw what was basically a toddler-like tantrum on the court in Game 3. There were multiple times where he would flop on a step back three attempt, complain to the officials on the floor, and allow the Celtics to get an easy bucket on the other end. He has also been the target of Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum, who have been looking to get his switch on high pick and rolls, then go to work. 

The worst part of it all was with under five minutes remaining in the fourth quarter. Matched up on Jaylen Brown in the low post, Doncic leans on Brown, who then makes an attempt to get around Luka. You can clearly see Brown hook his arm around Luka, but after Brown fell to the ground, they called a foul on Doncic. I can understand his frustration with that one, but you have to remain calm and think rationally on how to approach the rest of the game defensively.

Luka did not do that. Instead, he decided to try and stick it to the refs; force them to make an obvious charge call on Jaylen Brown. We’ve all done it before, you take a bad shot or you turn the ball over in a game, so you immediately go for a steal or a block on the other end to make up for it.

Luka stepped in front of Brown and was called for a blocking foul, his sixth and final foul of the game. What’s worse, he immediately looked to his bench saying, “You better f*****g challenge that!” As if it was obviously a charge. 

Luka desperately needed help in the first two games. Kyrie scored less than 20 points in both, but then exploded in Game 3. To behave like that, and then continue to double down at the post game podium, shows a lack of maturity, much like what Brian Windhorst said.

I don’t believe Luka is the sole reason they lost. It’s never because of one player; but this outburst in Game 3 is not a one time thing. He’s been doing it for essentially his entire career, he even admitted back in 2021 that he needs to stop. To have your emotions get the better of you, in this game, in this situation (they were on a 20-3 run and were down three points with four minutes left when he fouled out), it simply can’t happen if you want to be considered the best in the world.

This series is going to go to Boston, and they will break the tie with the Lakers for most championships for one franchise; Luka has a Finals appearance under his belt, he should understand now that you can’t act the same way you have been all season. Play hard on both ends, limit your complaints to officials, and keep your emotions in check. Will he be back with Kyrie, or a different team entirely? Who knows, but he will be back.

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