Killers Wallflower

Martin Scorsese Still Has His Fastball

By no means am I a movie critic, but I do feel like for an above-average movie goer, I have a strong sense of what movies do well. Of course, there are the quirky movies like “Good BAD movies” (Fast and Furious Franchise) or, as Martin Scorsese says, “Amusement Park movies” like Marvel and DC, that will pull in millions no matter how bad they actually are, and there have been some STINKERS lately. None of that matters when it comes to Marty the GOAT. Scorsese, no matter his track record at the Box Office, is a consistently excellent Director. He delivers compelling films, with A+ performances from across the board, and dialogue that keeps you engaged, regardless of runtime; and let me tell you: Scorsese does not give a damn about runtime. Longtime collaborators of Scorsese, Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio, turn in amazing performances. That’s nothing new from Leo, but this performance by De Niro really makes you forget he did those dog shit awful movies just for a check for the past decade, and reminds you he is one of the greatest actors, dead or alive. Lily Gladstone as Mollie Burkhart is sensational as well, and she plays the cold but kind Osage protagonist, who literally goes through Hell in this film. Jesse Plemons also makes an appearance towards the back end of the film. He is on the short list of best working actors right now. I saw people say he reminds them of the late Philip Seymour Hoffman. I agree, but I also see him and Sam Rockwell to be similar; guys that aren’t necessarily the leading man, but are absolutely sensational in everything they are in, big or small. The movies runtime is just shy of three and a half hours, but I promise you that you won’t feel it. It is a thrilling film about the murder of Osage Native Americans by White interlopers over their vast wealth and oil. Scorsese, at 80 years old, makes a different, but familiar film. He shows us that he still has his fastball. Go see Killers of the Flower Moon, Scorsese doesn’t miss.

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