Oakland A’s Move to Vegas is Official

Bob Nightengale, USA TODAY: MLB owners voted unanimously Thursday morning to approve A’s owner John Fisher’s relocation proposal to move from Oakland to Las Vegas, becoming the third professional sports franchise to leave Oakland in just the last five years. 

It must be so painful to be an Oakland sports fan. A city where the passion runs so deep for their teams, having one after the other stripped away from them because there is more money in Vegas is so sad.

Here’s the craziest part: the A’s won’t even be the first Las Vegas baseball team until 2028! They don’t have a home field! The A’s are still slated to play in the Oakland Coliseum until the end of the 2024 season, but after that it’ll be a revolving door of stadiums hosting the team for THREE FULL SEASONS. How is this allowed!? 


It is such a ridiculous concept. The $1.5 billion dollar facility on the Vegas strip won’t be ready until 2028; so after 2024, it is reported by Bob Nightengale that the A’s will be splitting their home games in Summerlin, Nevada (home of the A’s triple-A team), the San Fransisco Giants home stadium, Oracle Park, and then also maybe the Coliseum for a couple of games. What an absolute pain in the ass that is going to be for these players.

I genuinely can’t believe John Fisher is allowed to keep this team. After the reverse boycott, and fans constantly pleading with him to sell to someone that wants to keep the team in Oakland, the guy just can’t take a hint. On top of that, now you are forcing these players, who he does not spend a lot of money on (the A’s have the 29th lowest payroll in baseball), to basically be nomads and have no home field advantage or permanent residence for three seasons. That is unacceptable and a HORRIFIC plan, if you ask me.

That is really my biggest gripe with this. If the A’s moved to Vegas in 2025, then so be it. But to have this big of a gap in between moves and have to force these players to play for basically a glorified minor league team is so disrespectful to the them, the city of Oakland, the fans, and even Major League Baseball.

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