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People Heard a Hi-Hat in a Drake Song and Shit Their Pants

People heard a hi-hat in a Drake song and lost their fucking minds. Now I get why he didn’t promote this album. The second everyone heard it was a dance album everyone took a full blown dukie in their pants. With sprinkles of deep house, and even a dabble of UK/piano house you can tell that your regular Drake fan did not have a pleasant first listening experience. I actually told my friends if you wanted to get off to a hot start, start backwards with a song that reminds you that him and 21 Savage can still make music that wants you to quit your job and become a career criminal. 

I get it, if you order a rap album off the menu and get a house album you’re not gonna be happy. Me, I’m just happy I get to eat. For me, this is my two worlds of my favorite music genres colliding. Always been a fan of that type of crossover or collaboration. As this is a more upbeat album I cannot wait for the top DJs and music producers to get their hands on it to make their own remixes. Once it grows on people and those mixes get out some of these songs you are going to hear too much of by the end of the summer. 

If you haven’t gotten the hint yet, the trap drum era is coming to an end. House music is here to stay. No more parties where we are listening to music we should be drinking lean to instead, we are dancing. Dance music culture is back and the music is only going to get more upbeat like the 1980s as we get closer to 2030. 


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