Ranking Drake’s Best ‘AM/PM’ Time and Location Tracks

There is no denying the global impact Drake has made, from his beginnings as a TV actor to his current status as an international music icon, Drake has consistently demonstrated his mastery of blending rap and R&B into introspective and relatable narratives. One of the most notable aspects of his career is his “AM/PM” series, a collection of songs each labeled with a specific time and location.

This article examines the six key songs in this series: 5 AM in Toronto; 7 AM on Bridle Path; 8 AM in Charlotte; 9 AM in Dallas; 6 PM in New York; and 4 PM in Calabasas. We dive into each track’s significance, context, and musicality, before revealing our AH ranking at the end.

9 AM in Dallas

The “AM/PM” series began in 2010 with 9 AM in Dallas, a track actually missing from Spotify, oddly. This song served as an auditory statement of intent, with Drake’s lyrical ability promising to make history in the rap game – a promise he has since more than fulfilled.

“Smart kids that smoke weed, honor roll” (on a roll)? A must YouTube to MP3 download and still appreciate it when it comes on shuffle. This song is not just a testament to Drake’s talent but also a marker of his career trajectory, pushing him from the fringes of mainstream music into the spotlight.

5 AM in Toronto

Considered by many as the pinnacle of the series, 5 AM in Toronto showcases Drake at the zenith of his career. First things first, the beat goes absolutely crazy. That, combined with Drake’s assertive delivery, create an unmatched synergy that arguably remains unparalleled in his discography.

Drake’s grievances, ambitions, and reflections all converge in this song, resulting in a perfect lead up to Views. This track is made for those with a brash attitude and enjoy the sophisticated wordplay.

6 PM in New York 

Featuring on the mixtape If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, Drake addresses industry beefs with a newfound boldness. It’s a great song that has sunk under the radar a bit.

Despite the evident evolution, the song ranks lower in the series due to it not being as intense as the others. Nevertheless, it represents a significant milestone in Drake’s career, marking the emergence of the ‘6God’ in the winter of 2015.

4 PM in Calabasas

We had to wait until the summer of 2019 to get this on streaming services. If you ask us, that’s why it might be slept on. 

4PM in Calabasas stands out in the series as Drake’s most direct address of industry beef. He uses this track to call out Hip-Hop icons P. Diddy and Joe Budden, doing so in an eerily calm demeanor that contrasts with the harsh words.

The song’s rank in the series reflects its significance in Drake’s discography and his ability to assert his dominance in the industry with the self-pumping humble brags. 

7 AM on Bridle Path

A polished song that appeared on Drake’s eighth studio album Certified Lover Boy; 7 AM on Bridle Path showcases a more polished Drake. The track sees him addressing his feud with Kanye West, blending luxurious boasting with subtle jabs.

This song stands out in the series as a marker of Drake showcasing his growth and reflection of his maturity as an artist.

8 AM in Charlotte: The Callback

8 AM in Charlotte serves as a callback to the revered “AM to PM” series. The song arrives at a pivotal point in Drake’s career, leading up to the release of his newest album For All the Dogs. Serving to restore faith in his fanbase following criticism that Drake doesn’t rap anymore.

This track reiterates Drake’s ability to thrive in a soul-stirring soundscape and deliver punchy, memorable lines. It also serves as a bookmark that the beefs of his past are still very alive.

In Conclusion

Drake’s “AM/PM” series serves as a timeline of his career, each track reflecting a distinct phase in his artistic journey. All songs have aged gracefully and it has no disappointed fans even in the slightest. So as many of us debated we provide our final AH rankings. We also put a YouTube playlist together with all six songs if you want to listen and then decide for yourself.

Final Ranking

  1. 5 AM in Toronto
  2. 9 AM in Dallas
  3. 7 AM on Bridle Path
  4. 8 AM in Charlotte
  5. 6 PM in New York
  6. 4 PM in Calabasas

The series is not just a testament to Drake’s talent but also a marker of his evolution as an artist. From the genesis of 9 AM in Dallas to the latest of 8am in Charlotte, Drake has served beyond expectations every time he adds to this series.

Hopefully and thankfully, we are not at the end, as we anticipate future additions to the series. One thing is clear – Drake fans will love whatever he releases but with the “AM/PM” series, his flowers are respectfully earned. 


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