Russia-Ukraine is On Sight

Vladimir Putin want Ukraine and he took that. He showed the entire world his hand and he wasn’t bluffing. Sanctions were the answer from America and NATO but this isn’t enough to stop the Russians. This was so predictable and that was the main issue with the response to Russian aggression. The Russians knew this was coming as its the most predictable form of offense  from NATO. 

Sanctions have been used as the weapon of the west for 50 years and it has been lethal in exerting non-physical force on economies causing instability. USD has been used in proxy  wars against the enemies of NATO. Lately Turkey has seen how brutal of a weapon this can be. The Turkish Lira dropped off a cliff over the past years as inflation skyrocketed in the country. Why was this? China and Turkey have secretly been forming an alliance to complete the “Silk Road” which is the goal of China to bring together all of Asian, and the Middle East and Europe. Hearing of this NATO, using the Fed as its executioner, Destroyed the countries currency to try and force the current political establishment out. Russia is to strong of a country and has found other outlets to become economically viable. 


This is why sanctions did not work in stopping the Russians from invading. Russia is ready for war, unlike its enemies in the US and NATO who have been entrenched in the middle east for years. Putin is on the world stage and the next step is yet to be determined. Does Russia take Ukraine or does NATO and the US step up in defense?     

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