The Capitol Hill Cowards – They Are Going to Do Nothing Again

Waiting for the government to do something. That’s rich. Probably our first mistake as a country, but here we are on the endless cycle of the capitol kill cowards yet again do nothing but just push their agendas on the graves of victims of tragedy. We are in the endless cycle that continues the hate, the graphics, and the ‘thoughts and prayers’ for people’s effort that will never contribute to the actual problem at hand. Not like any of these old fucks are scrolling on Instagram to see how much you care. They’re busy robbing the American taxpayer.

Again like clockwork, here races the corporate media and the politicians as they come together to find their favorite basketball players or their favorite celebrities to ask why aren’t we doing anything. I bet we remember Steve Kerr’s little clip instead of remembering the victims names, but we can discuss our cultural issues at a different time. We can’t blame Donald Trump for the other day, so I think now is about the right time we come as a collective and realize there are many factors or motives that allow this to continue to happen in our country. Remember the more complicated the problem, it is going to take more than one factor to draw up a solution. So its not just Grant Theft Auto, mental health, bullying, the NRA or whomever they want to blame. We gotta get big brained to digest why. 

If the left wants to do anything, show us your balls because now is the time. You got the house, the presidency and the Senate, what the fuck are you waiting for? Instead you’re going to go blame conservatives, call it a white nationalist movement or make a story since none of you will go out and find out what really happened. With the sprinkle on top they will continue to leverage their well funded platforms to promote more divisive hate content which is certainly the status quo as we are becoming numb to horrific events. It’s as if we live in the times of the wicked.

Moving on, most of these people are viewed as incompetent, old, and they can barely think but all the sudden they are wise and sharpe enough at the snap of the fingers to be shipping off $40 billion to Ukraine. Nothing more American in the 21st century than shipping our money to skim, launder and profit off-war. What is truly amazing is if they rather invested a little bit into America first we would have such a beautiful country but these people literally put their hands on the Bible, swear to God and lie to him on site. Let’s say with that $40 billion and we go protect public schools higher veterans that may protect the public schools were very mentally compatible who can be known by the community. Give America’s heroes a chance for fulfilling work, earn benefits and have another purpose in life after sacrificing not only their mind their body and their souls for our country. I am sure they would protect our nations children with honor.

I’d say the disarming the public through various methods such as buyback programs would be a viable option but my biggest fear is the criminals who are in control right now in this political environment next you know these people are going to have a soldier living in my house or dragging me into a “MonkeyPox Health Camp” for “my safety”. Only problem with government buy-back is people will claim they lost their firearms, and then hide them. If the government comes for them next thing you know we have ATF/FBI shootouts with civilians of the United States fighting for weapons. Sounds pretty horrific to me.

The problem is not that the politicians don’t know what they’re doing the problem is there is that they know exactly what they are doing. So before you get all hot and bothered just stick to yourself use this piece to do more research on how this whole thing works and then create your own opinion on who is really at fault. We are five months away to November where all the chips have seemed to be pushed in the middle, again. Buckle up because if you think the stove is hot now, I hope you have the emotional stamina to make it to November. The Capitol Hill Cowards are going to slime on TV and use any tragedy to push their own agendas all the way to Election Day. If you have paid attention in the past few years the game has been established. It is not Left v Right its the People of the United States vs The Evil Incompetent.


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