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The CIA Created Bitcoin

Before the Bitcoin Maxis drag me off to the guillotine, allow me to play devil’s advocate for just a moment!

 It is no secret that the creator of this incredible technology is not fully understood. Many people take the stance that the creator of Bitcoin made it in response to the Federal Reserve’s control and manipulation of USD after the financial collapse of 2008. BTC Maxis believe that BTC is the Ark that will save them from the impending financial flood. Their theory is the Federal Reserve is in between a rock and a hard place. With inflation running higher by the month the Fed needs to increase interest rates. But this also slows down the economy. Being in massive amounts of debt it is thought that the threshold the fed and with stand is nearing a climax and BTC and Crypto is here to decentralize the world and save all from economic tyranny. What a romantic idea. 

I’m here to offer a different version of reality because as we know in this life things are not always what they seem. It is no secret that the CIA has been running experiments for decades many of which seem to have been conducted illegally domestically and abroad. What if Bitcoin is another one of these CIA projects? 

Lets talk about the feasibility of a single person creating the world’s largest decentralized peer to peer transaction network. The Bitcoin Whitepaper, created by the anon Satoshi, is not a massive document but the ideas and principals behind it are powerful. It breaks down how a peer to peer blockchain (ledger) could be secured using a hashing function (SHA-256) and the concept of proof of work to create a technology that can completely replace the existing financial system. It seems very unlikely that one person in such a short time would be able to create, test and verify that all of these concepts work can work together perfectly every time it is used. In the white paper Satoshi discusses how a hackers probabilities of hacking the block chain are exponential reduced each time a new block is added to the chain. If this is true how many blocks needed to be created how many people had to try and break the block chain? If Satoshi really loved Bitcoin and wanted it to succeed they would have had to have wanted to test the concept before release and in order to test it you need to allow people to try and break it. To date nobody has knowingly hacked the BTC blockchain. I don’t think this is an accident I think its a scientific probably that was calculated through vast amounts of experimentation. 

This is not an opinion but fact. There has not been a single successful technology without a single failure. I don’t think BTC has had a real failure and this is a huge red flag it enters the land of “To Good to be True”. At its core Bitcoin is an experiment an in all experiments there are times were systems fail. While BTC has been extremely volatile in its short life span this was a function of speculation, people’s understanding of it and many external factors such as the Federal Reserve printing endless amounts of money. BTC’s underlying blockchain and Network has never had a failure in which the system was compromised. Many believe that this is a the result of a brilliant person bringing to life the ability for humanity to create a self regulating currency. As a lover of the scientific method the probability of a single person or even a small team of people making this in such a short period of time is incredibly improbable. 

This leads us to question if it wasn’t just a single person what organization could create this and keep it a secret? Very few organizations have that power, the CIA is the first one that comes to mind. The CIA has been known for conducting all types of experiments on human beings, society and many other aspects of our reality. They had to be running financial experiments with different types of currencies. 

Lets go back in time to the year 2009. The economy is in complete free fall, it has been discovered that a majority of the financial system that sustains western society was propped up on scams and lies. In an act of desperation the Federal Reserve convinces governments that printing money and taking on debt is the best option. This story spun by the Fed works and Quantitative Easing is born, where the Fed now has the right to print money out of thin air. Lets take a step back, why was the Fed in charge of making this decision? Because it is believed that the Fed knows money better than anybody else. So, when the financial system is in dire straights the Fed is called upon to be its Shepard. Ever since the USD detached from a Gold backing, its value is derived from the faith that this financial  system. At some point, probably around the 2000 crash, it had to have become apparent that the Fed was slowly losing control of the market and this system was growing larger than anyone could possible manage. Knowing this would they not start to create and escape plan? A plan for what happens if people stop believing in USD? 

Well I think the Fed asked these questions. They asked these questions because they know money better than anyone. They knew that the system was increasingly unstable and it was only a matter of time until it all came crashing down. In order to hedge this the CIA brought to life the idea of decentralized crypto currencies, Bitcoin. This allows the powers at be to perform a controlled demolition of the old finance system and herd unsuspecting people into a completely knew financial system. A system where people are under the impression that there is no manipulation and that there is no corruption. A perfect system for the CIA and the Fed to control reality this time under the brand of Bitcoin. With this new brand it can secretly track people’s wallets since the ledger is public all transactions must be public. The ability of governments to track people’s purchases is an aggressive abuse of power and Bitcoin could be used to oppress people even more. 

Bitcoin is at the fore front of decentralization and people have feel in love with this romantic idea that there will be no more corruption and abuse of power. I tend to disagree with this because the THE ACHILLES HEEL OF DECENTRAALIZATION IS LACK OF ACCOUNTABILITY. When things go wrong with Bitcoin who is the trusted organization that will be in charge of this? 


While these are all just hypotheticals, it is important to question all and try to see life through a different perspective. The possibility is always there, freedom is never easy to attain and hold there will always be groups trying to manipulate what ever currency is in use its a tall as old as time. We as people need to always be vigilant and questioning. The CIA is the largest intelligence organization in human history its powers and knowledge hold very small bounds even in places you think are fighting against them. 

 I hope I’m wrong. 


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