The GOAT Retires, Again

This won’t take long. As Tom said, you only get one heart felt, long winded goodbye, and he used his up last year. It is, however, important to reflect on the impact this year has had on Brady. With all his success, I do feel for the man, not just the player, that is Tom Brady.

After being undercut by Adam Schefter, it felt like Brady came back out of spite. That he was annoyed, and angered, he wasn’t able to announce his retirement his way, because everything to this point has been his way. As we all know, this seemed to be the last straw for his wife, Giselle, and he went through a fairly public divorce, all the while playing poorly during the season with his team struggling to even win the very bad NFC South. Needless to say, I don’t think it was worth it. 

With those negatives aside, it was a pleasure to watch Tom Brady’s career, because I am a Giants fan and he didn’t spend 20 years torturing me, and my best football memories involve Brady actually losing two Super Bowls. So unlike many others, I’ll always have fond memories of him. 

There will never be another like Brady. And when I say that, I don’t mean there will never be someone as talented, because there already has been and currently is others more talented. But I mean there will never be another Quarterback who can sustain a level of excellence in the NFL for over two decades, and compete at such a high enough level to win seven Super Bowls. It will never happen again. Some may say Mahomes has a shot, but he is a long, long, long, long way away from that.

Congrats to Tom Brady on another retirement. Next stop: Fox Sports, which I’m sure people forgot about. He signed an absolutely mammoth deal with them contingent upon his retirement. Apparently Fox didn’t even know he was retiring this time. I’m looking forward to seeing how he does on TV.

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