The IRS Hates this One Simple Trick! Never Pay a Cent in Taxes Ever Again!

Everyone hates paying taxes, and most of that money get lost to bureaucratic and financial friction, as well as pointless politics. The bottom line, however, is that you have to pay your taxes or you’ll get bopped… just like Al Capone… or Ja Rule…  or even financial terrorist Martha Stewart.

But what if you didn’t have to pay taxes? Is it even possible?

That’s just what they want you to think.

In my Seven-Step “Donation-Reimbursement NOT Tax Fraud” Program below, you can learn to never pay a cent in taxes ever again. Ever. Seriously. And the icing on the cake? **Its completely legal!

(**I think its legal, I’m not sure because I’m not a financial advisor or tax-lawyer and this should not be considered as advice for any intents or purposes)

  1. To be safe, first download a VPN which can place your IP address in a non-extradition country (Madagascar is Non-Extradition, and also has a Pixar movie named after it, so this should be your first choice) also (I’m not a tax lawyer so I don’t know if this step is necessary)
  2. Create an anonymous software wallet and only ever access it with your vpn from this location. Also create a registered wallet of your choice in the US which is only ever access locally.
  3. Start minting NFT’s using your VPN (mint as many or as little as you want, the number of them doesn’t matter)
  4. Calculate your yearly taxes owed then buy the NFT’s you minted remotely using your local wallet. The total sale price after summing the cost of each NFT should be equal to your yearly taxes owed
  5. Donate all of the NFT’s (which you bought from yourself) to a virtual museum or NFT collection
  6. On your taxes, write off the transaction as a “charitable donation” and claim you owe nothing
  7. Gift yourself the money which you own in a foreign account, or use it to buy goods directly

You’re probably thinking that its ridiculous that frowned-upon-but-not-quite-illegal tax maneuvers shouldn’t be so easy, but this has been how the rich have gotten out of paying taxes since the dawn of the American tax system. Before NFT’s the art trade was an elaborate form of tax evasion. Have you ever gone to a “modern art” museum, walked around and said “I could make this shit, what’s so special about that white canvas with a green trapezoid in the middle?” And then your buddy you came with who took an art class or two in college probably tried to act all high and mighty saying “oh you just don’t understand it, its very complex, look at the tones” all while he’s the one getting duped. It was never about the art at all.

Green White by Ellsworth Kelly – worth $1.6 Million

Now, its actually very simple. Imagine some rich guy who owes exactly $1MM in taxes each year. He calls up some schmuck artist and commissions a simple crappy piece like you can see above that an elephant could paint if he put his mind to it. (look up elephant art sometime – pretty dope stuff). Anyway this guy commissions an artist to paint something for $1k. The artist paints it, and sells it to the rich guy for $1k. An “independent” appraiser, art expert, or whatever else you call them, is then commissioned in by the rich guy who bought this art, and is asked to appraise it for $1MM, the same value as the guy’s taxes. Now maybe the art expert/appraiser/whatever gets a small cut, or maybe he’s just a guy who hates people paying taxes and does this out of the kindness of his heart, but that’s just semantics. The final step here is the rich guy donates his art, now worth $1MM, to a museum. He goes and writes on his taxes that he donated $1MM worth of art to a museum.

So this guy originally owed the US government $1,000,000. He pays $1,000 to an artist, then maybe another $1,000 to his “art-guy” (appraiser). He made an “investment” in a piece of art which skyrocketed in value due to the words of an independent appraiser. Then, when his investment/piece of art (which he never cared about to begin with) reached the moon, he donated it. His art was officially valued at $1MM prior to the donation, and he can write off the entire value of his owed taxes as a donation, despite only losing a net $2k in this hypothetical scenario. Then the museum hangs this crappy painting up and the non-art patrons in the museum get to keep saying “this sucks” and the aspiring-artists get to keep pretending they understand the deep meaning behind the art for all of eternity, despite it not meaning anything at all.

EtherRock- one of the oldest NFT’s, made in 2017. Just sold for $1.3MM. Its seriously a cartoon rock

The beautiful thing about the NFT market is that no initial investment needs to be made, aside from the ether used to mint the NFT. You can also commit tax fraud (sorry, I meant “donation reimbursement”) without having to even deal with that pesky actual-physically-existing art! The entire process has been made virtual, and you no longer have to find an artist, travel, find an appraiser, etc. The entire process can be done in a day by someone with a bit of of technical knowhow. You could even build your own NFT museum and fit it on a USB drive and stick it on a wifi-enabled computer, so that you and all your friends can get together and commit tax fraud.

…I meant donation-reimbursement.

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