Sunday Scaries

The Scaries Are In – How Do We Respond?

The scaries are in. You woke up broke and hungover. Some of us sweating and a little depressed. Something I’ve become more aware of in the past year is noticing peoples fight or flight responses when something negative happens to them. Some cause drama or conflict, some simply run away from the problem. Some bury themselves in their work and then you have the strong soldier who blanks it all out and/or holds it all in until they internally combust. 

Check in on that friend, as they’re chilling on the outside just waiting for someone to ask them if they are okay. Most likely they are waiting for someone to show they give a little ounce of a shit. So many unhealthy coping mechanisms and we wonder why we have a mental health crisis and a bunch of adults who lack necessary communication skills for healthy relationships. My whole point of this, is to put an emphasis on how we respond and being self aware of where our mood can be taking us.

An example, here is where I was at this morning: I had a decision to make. Less than five hours of sleep and I knew there was no going back to bed. Definitely irritable. Now I’m staring at my ceiling in a horrible headspace sinking towards the black hole of feeling sorry for myself and trying to fill in certain gaps of what I could’ve done differently. Again, not healthy as those are stupid things I can not control. Try depending your mood on things you cannot control, and you will drive yourself to the sponge room.

So instead of laying there like a dead fish, I simply stood up, hit a weight room, a sauna, and a shower. Maybe not good as new but the mood is improved. My problems are still here but at least I pumped some dopamine into my brain. I am healthier and what was driving my anxiety through the roof seems to become just a little smaller and more manageable. Deep breathe. It’s another day. Here’s a little clip from my content diet that I think would be good to pass along as we at AH are here for you. You are never alone. Happy Saturday. God bless.



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