The Yankees Ruined the Most Iconic Jerseys of All-Time

Trigger Warning: The following article has some snobby Yankees fan opinions that some will think is annoying and obnoxious.

I’ll get to the point: I am disgusted.

It’s nothing new for teams across all major American sports leagues to don patches on their jerseys for advertisement. It’s something that has been going on for the last few years. For the Yankees, however, it had always been the case that the only name that mattered was the one on the front of the jersey. The Pinstripes are the single most iconic look in all of sports, and now they’re stained with the Starr Insurance patch.

Get this: Hal Steinbrenner sold out for a measly $20 million a year from Starr Insurance. That’s all it took to ruin the most important jersey in sports. That’s all it took for one of the wealthiest sports franchises in the world to anger their fanbase even more. 

At this point, why not just let all the rules go? Let Aaron Judge grow a beard. Let Gerrit Cole grow his hair out and get back that look he had in Houston. If anything, those are the rules that should have went out the window before Steinbrenner decided to throw a disgusting patch on the sleeve of Yankees jerseys. His father would have never done something like this for a lousy $20 million. He would have laughed at that offer. Mr. Steinbrenner respected the legacy of the Yankees too much.

A sad move and a sad day.

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