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USA Loses to Germany in FIBA Semifinal, Will Play Canada For Third Place

Team USA is upset by Germany in the FIBA semifinals 113-111.

Friday mornings game against Germany was a tough loss. Germany had three guys in their starting lineup (Theis, Obst, and Wagner) with more than 20 points. Anthony Edwards was the only starter with 20 or more, and Reaves had 21 off the bench.

Team USA shot really well this game too, with splits just under 56% from the field, 48% from three, and almost 96% from the line; they just could not stop Germany.

The nail in the coffin was when Andreas Obst hit a three off an inbound pass after Tyrese Haliburton slipped and fell. Dennis Schroder followed up with a mid range jumper for safety.

Big Credit to Austin Reaves and Anthony Edwards, USA was down 106-94 with 5:24 left before they went on a 13-2 run to get them back in it.

Look, this isn’t the Olympics, everyone knows FIBA doesn’t show the very best the USA has to offer; but it is still frustrating to lose when you know you shouldn’t.

People will ask, “well, why don’t the best players participate in FIBA?” and to that I say, go google “Paul George Team USA leg injury.” NSFW warning on that video. I totally understand why we don’t have the best out there, and I’m not asking them to play, but that doesn’t make it less frustrating to watch.

The matchup a lot of people wanted, USA vs Canada, is happening, it just isn’t for the gold medal. The USA is in danger of not medaling for the second FIBA World Cup in a row.

That game will take place on Sunday. 

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