Welcome to the Show Francis Marshall

Francis Marshall made his UFC debut Saturday night in a bantamweight bout against Marcelo Rojo with an electric second round KO. The 23 year old Jersey City native came into the fight with a 6-0 record and earned a UFC contract through his victory in Dana White’s Contender Series.  

His competitor Marcelo Rojo is a UFC veteran and came into the night with a respectable 16-8 record. Rojo came out strong land heavy right hand strikes on Marshal following by a left leg outside kick. Marshall was able to with stand this initial attack and eventually took the fight to the mat where him and Rojo grappled until Rojo was able to connect on a no-look elbow to the head of Marshall and finished with short elbows until the end of the first round. 

In round 2 Marshall controlled the pace and caught Rojo a few times with a flurry of punches which was with a low kick. But Marshall was relentless and worked his way in with a series of jabs before connecting a short right hook directly to the chin of Rojo knocking him straight to the mat. Marshall smashed Rojo with a few more unguarded headshots until Rojo was out and Folsom called the fight. 

Marshall’s first UFC victory was undeniable and was and incredible to watch. In front of a full house in Orlando this match did not disappoint. 

Congratulations Francis Marshall and welcome to the Show.  


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