WFAN Host Sal Licata Says Pete Alonso Has To Go

“They need to make a decision on what to do as far as that core goes,” Sal said. “[Brandon] Nimmo isn’t going anywhere. He’s here. The core with Lindor, McNeil, Alonso – and McNeil can go anyway. He’s insignificant. So that leaves Lindor and Alonso.

With no sources or any real indication from the team that Pete Alonso has been anything less than a leader; Licata says he has “done his research” and that Pete Alonso is a part of the toxic clubhouse that is the New York Mets.

Not to mention the above quote, where he calls former batting champion Jeff McNeil “insignificant.” In a bizarre move to claim the Mets need to move on from either Lindor or Alonso, he decides to slander Alonso. 

Has this season been a total disappointment? Yes. Are there frustrations in the clubhouse that may be causing some tensions between players? Most likely. But to suggest Pete Alonso is a problem for the Mets, rather than a solution, is asinine. Alonso is the first Mets player to have four 35 plus home run seasons, and it is only his fourth season in the Bigs. He has made strides defensively since he cam up to make himself a better baseball player, and he is one of the best, most vocal leaders that the Mets have ever had. Plus, the fans love him. However, Licata did give Alonso his credit, saying he does nothing but produce for this team, and if he were to stay a Met, he could end up being the greatest to ever put on their uniform.

Trading Alonso or Lindor would be a major mistake for the Mets. The clubhouse isn’t toxic, they’re just pissed off because they can’t win baseball games. I will say this though, if the Mets dont turn things around for the better in the foreseeable future, then both Alonso and Lindor might be out of New York.

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