World Build AI

Designing a new world

2023 has been a momentous year in the Artificial intelligence space. ChatGPT was the catalyst, and other large language training models have been of great use and discussion, as humanity steps deeper into the world of automated intelligence.

Many interesting applications have been created, one in particular is World Build. World Build is a software that allows users to generate new worlds using a graphically integrated system. While the practical use of creating new worlds that could be implemented in video games is obvious, can there be other real world utilities to come from this technology? 

By allowing users to generate real world city maps using its CityBLD package, it can be used in the design and implementation of architectural and engineering upgrades to cities. World Build will allow users to replicate modern cities like New York, Miami, London etc.  and experiment with adding and subtracting certain features from the environment. The ability to introduce roads, different types of terrain, buildings and other infrastructure features. Want to introduce a new bridge or tunnel? Model the road system and infrastructure in World Build seamlessly to determine which parameters are constraints and test different solutions to find the advantageous.  

By allowing users to easily manipulate the build environment at scale using AI, the iterative design process would be fractionalized. This allows for more options to be considered, provides an incredible visual presentation of these ideas, and will help best communicate these ideas to others. 

World Build AI is currently using the Unreal Engine to create realistic simulations of all type of build environments. The next steps would be building layers of analysis software to gain better insight into how these changes would affect the ecosystem. Traffic modeling, energy consumption, and many more tools that could be integrated into this would help designers better understand the multi-degree effects changes could have on city planning. This is an issue now more than ever, as designers struggle to fully grasp the effects of their decisions due to lack of data. World Build could be a potential solution to this real world problem. 


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