5 Meals That Are Inflation Proof!

Inflation is getting out of control. Gas prices were over  $7 in LA this week, people only have so much patience until…food prices follow, and then we will really want to start the riot. Just wait until your extra guac at Chipotle is $7.99. You are going to get real triggered then.

We’re here to help. You may not like our recommendations, but it may be our reality soon for those who are trying to ball on a budget.

Chipotle Kids Meal

I pay $6.10 for this bad boy. Little cheese quesadilla, rice, black beans and steak. Plus you get a kids soda, and kids chip. Good portion, good for the diet, good for the wallet. A meal that helps my weight management and does not destroy my pocket. 

If you can fleece the person behind the counter to add meat into the quesadilla…Go for it. The long con. Worst case you pay an extra $1.

Kurger Bing Long Boiiii

An American staple. If you prioritize your wallet over your health like a ton of us do in our twenties, we know that this is not going anywhere!

If one long boi doesn’t do it for you, you have the $1 chicken fries or anything from that value menu you can get to. Cheaper than McDonalds…

Costco Hot Dogs

After you spent an hour walking around the entire store complaining about how expensive everything is getting, at least they give you a cheap alternative on the way out in the food court. 

I mean look at the value. Drink and a glizzy for $1.50. If these prices move, it would be worse than Arizona Iced Tea being more than .99 cents. Don’t let us down Costco! We are counting on you during this outrageous time in our country’s history.

$5 Rotisserie Chicken

This might be the move. Five bucks for all that chicken? Sounds like an absolute steal when food prices continue their climb.

If you play your cards right this can last you a solid three meals, so when you eat a side with your meal you won’t feel so guilty for your wallet.

Also, solid protein which we will never underrate in this group. Can’t be looking too scrawny out there in the real world.

A Deep Breathe

This will be us just admitting defeat, or we are just really serious about our Summer 2022 body. 

Every time I do this it is because I am simply too lazy to cook or go get food. Not the best way or healthiest way to live but I know I won’t wilt away if I skip a meal. 

Please don’t do this. We need nutrition somehow even if we continue to get bodied by inflation. A protein shake is better for you than doing this.

All jokes aside, you are considerably lucky if the change in food prices is not effecting or is minimally effecting your life. We have people all over our country who are food insecure and these exterior pressures are doing damage all over our country.

If you have more creative/smart ways to eat on a budget please share them with us on Instagram and Twitter. God Bless you all.


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