All Grown Up

I’m honestly not sure how I wanted to start this off but I wanted to share an abundance of unfocused thoughts about, well, just life. We consistently wake up each and every day and dive into our routine, and this is often proven a good thing. Repetition and structure are very good things, but I do feel like I came to on this crisp, windy morning up in the Northeast part of America and found myself feeling like I had such a lack of reflection. I feel like I’ve had more changes in my life in the last seven months than almost any span in my actual memory, and yet I have not taken time once to just sit and internalize the time that has passed, the things that have happened, and take it in. It has really been wake up, get it done, make sure your people are good, pray, go to sleep. Maybe that’s just growing up, but the feeling I had this morning made me think that reflecting should be a part of that grown up routine as well.

Being a late 90s baby, I have been on this earth for a little over a quarter century, and man is everything moving fast. Some friends are getting married, expecting children, climbing to the top of their company, traveling and, sadly, some are even dreading waking up everyday. That difference in where you are in your life in comparison to the next person weighs on a lot of people and it can tear them apart. Comparison is truly the thief of happiness, and that’s just where reflecting through this life of ours comes in. Growing up and living your day to day life as fast as we are these days magnifies our focus on everything outside ourselves. We live our lives and watch others live their lives. Social media makes it all even easier to remain outside of yourself, but we’ll save that for another discussion… The angle I am trying to draw here is to actually think what a reflection is. It’s what you see in a mirror, it’s almost always just you. Even just taking a mental note of how you improved from one day, one week, one month ago, instead of focusing on everything outside of yourself, I believe could truly do wonders.

We are all grown up. We all have a lot on our plates. There is always someone who appears to be doing better than us. But “are you doing better than you were yesterday?” is the question. Continue to use the world to learn about the world but look inward to learn about yourself.

Peace and blessings gang.

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