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Welcome to The Animal House

Welcome to The Animal House people! After hours, days and even years of work, this has been a long time coming and I’m glad we have even gotten this far. In times of trying to find a full time job, managing relationships and entering the real world right when it feels like all the systems and methods we were taught are starting to fall apart, it was easy at times to give up at this point. To this day I still don’t know much about building a website. We tried a bunch of different designs, spent a good amount of cash (lol) and did a lot of things through trial and error and now here we are on your screen. I think it came out pretty nicely. I mean look at our first design and you tell us. 

So who the hell are we? Hard to say exactly. We’re all very different individuals who happen to have an abundance of different interests, skillsets and talents. Like doing degenerative shit together but just happened to have common goals and were placed in the right spot at the right time, knowing that we could brew something special. We’re from a multitude of different disciplines including: multiple engineering practices, law, architecture, finance, mathematics, crypto, business, marketing, consulting, entrepreneurship, data science, software development, journalism, construction management and the list goes on and on as we gain even more troops under our roof.

We are the next inclusive online community that you’re gonna wanna be a part of and all you have to do is follow us for now. The fun is just getting started and we have so much more to deliver to you. That is a promise. We are here for you today and for years to come. 

And me? The writer. I’m just a guy who is trying to manage this and place all the pieces together in this game. Throughout my time in college, as I really got away from home and got to see more of our country and the world, I realized I was surrounded by very special people with tremendous skill sets, backgrounds and stories. I wanted to devote my life to providing all of us a voice/platform that we all can share. At the same time, to build something that keeps us in constant communication even after our time living together under one roof has passed. I also wanted to build something of my own while working and doing my own thing just to keep my life exciting. I always figured, do the most shit, and have the most options cause life some days really finds ways to fuck ya so, we might as well have fun while we are doing it. Being busy usually minimizes all the thoughts that stir up in my dome on a daily basis. I am just another person who lives inside their own head.

Anyways, throughout my time in college I had a few lightbulb moments and one of them was when I was out in LA working for the NFL’s media/production side of the business. Let’s just say I tried to shakedown one of the artist for that logo you are seeing in the top left corner of your screen, and the rest is history. For a 21 year old who picked up and spent three months in LA, I knew I had to come back with more than just the work experience. 

After a summers worth of California cookies, and starting to put the pieces together, I figured: with this particular group of people, knowing they all have the ability to adapt in any environment, we cant lose because we’ll be doing what we love together, whether we are in the same four walls or thousands of miles apart. That is why we brought everyone here. I truly believe in my heart they all have something to offer the world when they freely speak their minds for the whole internet to hear. Especially when a lot of people, no smarter than us, are getting rich doing the same thing.

So ultimately, what we are attempting to deliver to you is a “key” to our internet home. Where we can break each others jaws, peg each other with eggs, verbally belittle and flat out roast each other and still be a family. If you happen to make your stop here and don’t like me that’s fucking fine there’s someone on this team that you’re going to love and look out for because they are A1 characters. 

We are another roster in this new post-2020 Media Industry ready to present the world our knowledge, our opinions, our thoughts and that could be from anything as serious or fucking real as war, artificial intelligence, mental health, something as mainstream as football, pop culture or something as simple as our music tastes. Those are all examples but you’re gonna see what will be able to deliver for you in due time.

So hit us up, ask us questions, and let us know you are out there!!! The fun is just getting started and we appreciate you if you have even made it this far in this blog. So long for now and I am glad you are with us this early in the process.

**DISCLAIMER: If you happened to get offended by anything on this site either today or the future thats not our problem…THAT IS YOUR PROBLEM! If you cannot figure out who wrote it based on their name we have one rule here at AH….It could have been anyone** anyways……

Let it rip this weekend. 


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