Carnivore Diet: Last Resort For Summer Body

Well, it is mid April, time to look at yourself in the mirror and think “I look like shit,” when Summer is right around the corner. If you have tried all of the “Get Ripped Abs in 5 Minutes” videos on YouTube and you still look like a bag of milk, then I am glad you have stumbled upon my blog because I have your answer. It is called the “Carnivore Diet”.

This diet consists of meat, literally only meat. It is the 50 year old suburban mom “I am watching my carbs” diet on steroids. You are permitted to only eat meat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So, how does eating fatty meats like only steak, pepperoni logs, and chicken wings all day make you lose weight? Well your body needs energy to do everyday tasks and typically humans run on carbs. When you fully eliminate carbs from your daily intake your body goes into “what the fuck” mode and it needs to get energy to live from somewhere. So, your body pulls from your stored fats (aka a process called ketosis). Eating a lot of fat to lose fat, sounds pretty counterintuitive right? BUT IT WORKS.

I have done this diet before and lost 12lbs in 21 days and I am here to do it again. I will be blogging my progress up until I stop Memorial Day Weekend. I got blood work and weighed in today at 201lb and will weigh-in and get blood done again halfway through and at the end to show you how well this diet works. 

I am here to do the dirty work for all you avid AH readers so you know how to get ready for Summer last minute!

Now let’s eat some God damn meat.

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