Don’t Be A Dead Fish!

So in the last two months I’ve made a change in my career. And not even a major one. Not like retiring from doing financial models to blog and talk sports all day, like I’d love to. Nope, that’ll be the dream. But a minor one, a minor one that many people go through or that young people are scared to go through. I honestly just want to share that it’s not as bad as we make it out to be.

For starters, any good person in this world wants you to do what makes you happy. So all that nervousness of telling your current manager you’re unhappy or even that you’re taking your talents elsewhere is all in your head. Do what you think will make you happy, and if you don’t know what will, try something. The worst thing to do is to continue doing the same thing everyday in fear of not enjoying the change. Only dead fish go with the flow, don’t be a dead fish.

There are a couple of awesome things about changing jobs and a couple not so awesome depending on how you look at everything. First and foremost, you get to learn something new. In this day and age, if you’re not learning, you’re dying, and with that new information you’re absorbing comes new people, opportunities, and more. Your shear effort to show that you’re interested and want to learn can help you take such a big step when just starting somewhere new. The obvious deterrents of that is not knowing anything or anyone. You really have to use your attention to detail so even the minute things you are given to do when you first start are done well. How you do anything is how you do everything. In my first two weeks at my new gig, I said our stock price was down instead of up from the prior day in an email and boy did that go over well with the CFO lol.

All in all, I’d challenge everyone to look themselves in the mirror and ask if you can see yourself doing what you’re doing for another decade, or two, or three. Look at what your boss does and see if you’d like to be in their shoes one day. If any of those answers make you feel weird inside, you should at the very least look at different possible avenues. Not saying you have to make a change but your comfort zone will kill you, and I almost made the mistake of doing something just to do it. The money will never be enough, find something you love.

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