‘Euphoria’ Season Two Finale Felt Like a Series Finale

The season two finale of HBO’s monster hit show, ‘Euphoria,’ wrapped up most of the main characters stories nicely. However, there was something that felt very final about the finale. I am fully aware that the show has already been renewed for season three, but I can’t help feel that if the show never had another episode, it would make sense.

Everyone who watched this season knows it wasn’t perfect, there were clearly some odd changes made to the characters and the dynamics between them. There were rumors that Jacob Elordi and Hunter Schafer had some drama in real life and that is why the complicated Nate-Jules relationship was completely scrapped this season and Nate pivoted to Sydney Sweeney’s character, Cassie. Additionally, Barbie Ferreira (Kat) was rumored to have been fighting with series creator and director, Sam Levinson, and allegedly stormed off the set, resulting in Kat having a total character assassination. In season one, she goes from an insecure person, to baddie cam girl, to finding someone in Ethan who loves her for who she is. In season two she has two actual scenes where the focus is her (one at dinner with Ethans parents and another where she opens up to Maddy), she then unsuccessfully and comedically tries to gaslight Ethan into breaking up with her, even though he sees through the charade, and thats all there is to Kat in season two. The last glaring issue for me was the subplot of Rue owing the ex-teacher-turned-drug-queenpin $8,000 and they just never brought it up again. Recapping: Rue gets 10k worth of drugs in a suitcase, does a ton of them, then her mom and Jules flush them all down the toilet after Elliot exposes her. She goes on a series of break-ins and steals around $2,000 to give to the Drug Lord, who in turn gives Rue morphine to deal with the withdrawals, and then we never hear from her again, even though she threatened to sell Rue to “some really messed up people” if she screwed her over. I wonder how much of the behind-the-scenes rumors are true and why was the drug subplot scrapped entirely over the last two episodes?

Outside of Kat, when you look at every character, their stories and plots have been wrapped up dating back to season one. Rue, through narration, says she remained clean and sober through the rest of the school year; Nate finally faced his Dad by getting him arrested for what I assume is child pornography, a bleak end but now Nate can “move on”; Lexi stepped out from the shadows and into the spotlight with her play; Cassie got dealt some karma, and now has to live with her mistakes and choices; Maddy got out of her toxic relationship; Jules got her closure; Fez and Ash, unfortunately, met the fate of most people in their line of work. It’s safe to assume Ash is dead (Rule one of dying in TV shows and movies: always be skeptical of character deaths if there is no body, but in this case it’s pretty safe to say Ash didn’t make it out) and when the Feds raid Fezco’s house they’ll find the drugs he sells in addition to all the guns Ash had, Fez is going to jail. It’s heartbreaking for his character and what he had to witness with Ash but also for Lexi who had finally found someone who supported her and understood her in a way no one else in the show has.

You see the vision. This show could end right now and there really wouldn’t be any major problems with how each character wrapped it up. Who knows when season three will premiere, Zendaya is a superstar with a lot of upcoming roles, and the rest of the cast is talented and I’m sure we’ll see them in various things, but season three might be a couple of years. Maybe we’ll get why Rue suddenly doesn’t owe a drug lord 8k?

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