Knicks Shooting Guard Donte Grimes

Grimes or DiVincenzo? Assessing the Knicks Starting Shooting Guard

The New York Knicks have always been a hot topic in the world of basketball. This season is no exception, with a brewing discussion on the team’s peaks and valleys starting. What needs to be changed? In recent games, Donte DiVincenzo and Quentin Grimes have both shown potential for the role, but who is the better fit for the Knicks’ current rotation?

Donte DiVincenzo, the fourth Villanova product on the Knicks’ roster. He joined the Knicks this past July for needed shooting and depth. When presented with his first start this season, he reached a career high in scoring in the Knicks’ victory against the Charlotte Hornets. He hit an astounding seven threes in that game.

DiVincenzo’s impressive performance continued in the next game against the Washington Wizards, where he scored 14 points and shot four-of-eight from downtown. His high energy and significant contributions on the court have proven to be a boom for the Knicks. I’m not saying he is completely taking over the Knicks or an emerging star, but he has championship pedigree with experience for both the Bucks and Warriors.

He signed a four-year deal worth $46.8 million last offseason and it has already started paying dividends. While maintaining a steady performance throughout his college career and then showing the world what he was capable of in the Final Four, DiVincenzo has a streaky side that can be an X factor for any team.

DiVincenzo’s Approach to the Game

Trusting his time in the league and his approach to the game. He aims to bring the same level of energy and focus whether he’s in the starting lineup or coming off the bench, making him reliable and acknowledging the depth of the Knicks’ team and the varying roles each player must fulfill.

Despite being the newest addition to a team that has largely retained its core, with only Obi Toppin departing this past summer, DiVincenzo has integrated seamlessly into the Knicks’ system. His shooting versatility and ability to move without the ball, plus the chemistry he shares with college teammates Jalen Brunson and Josh Hart, has added a new dimension to the team’s play.

Quentin Grimes: How He Can Take the Next Leap

Quentin Grimes is known for his defensive prowess and his ability to shoot off the ball. Despite being sidelined due to a sprained left wrist, he has been plugged back into the starting line-up and his contributions to the team have not gone unnoticed. Grimes’ defensive skills and shooting ability make him a valuable asset to the Knicks’ system. The only problem we are facing is Grimes is currently struggling, shooting below his career averages from both inside and outside the three point line.

Grimes has the ability, but just needs to confidently and aggressively attack the basket. If he can add that and obtain some confidence for his catch and shoot abilities, he could prove to be much more effective.

In 14 games, he has only shot one (1) free throw, which he missed. He has a quick step off the pump fake, there is no reason he cannot draw a foul and use free throws as a way to get into a rhythm. 

With an aggressive play style, it can create significant benefits not only for himself, but for his teammates as well. Although his minutes are down, his readiness to take on defenders head-on opens up the court for his teammates, creating opportunities for plays that might otherwise go unnoticed. He did have a good first half defensively against Devin Booker, but his lack of threat on the offensive game is why he has not been on the floor in the final minutes.

The role of a 3&D shooting guard is imperative for the New York Knicks, and Quentin Grimes is the perfect player to fulfill this role if he lives up to what we know he can be.

Grimes’ Contract Situation

Grimes is set to enter the final season of his rookie contract next year. The Knicks did not agree to a contract extension with Immanuel Quickley at the end of his third season, making him a restricted free agent next summer. Grimes is a year behind Quickley in the process, and unless an agreement is reached, the open market will determine his contract value. He has been a name teams have asked for in trade talks, but I wonder how persistent teams will be if they don’t view him as valuable as he was perceived in the summer?

With DiVincenzo’s recent hot streak, some may argue that he should take over the starting shooting guard position from Grimes. However, there are several factors to consider before making such a decision.


DiVincenzo has demonstrated a high level of offensive skill and energy, particularly when starting. His shooting versatility gives the Knicks an edge, as he is difficult to defend due to his movement without the ball. In addition, he has shown that he can adapt to a starting role, make the right plays, and play with the same level of effort as he would when coming off the bench. We have seen the small sample size of him starting, and it could be worth the experiment. 


On the flip side, replacing Grimes with DiVincenzo in the starting lineup could potentially disrupt the team’s defensive balance. Chemistry is important, and when Coach Thibs found his nine man rotation, he was pretty fixated on it. Grimes’ defensive skills have been instrumental in the Knicks’ system, and replacing him with a more offensive player may show us more signs of scoring, but also could leave the team more vulnerable on the defensive end at the start of games. Some of us would argue that Grimes should have been in the game to cover Devin Booker for his game winning shot at Madison Square Garden during Sunday’s game. 

Inching Closer

The season goes on, and now may be the time to experiment. As the Knicks struggled early last year, they had to make a few tough choices regarding minutes that ended up doing wonders for their season.

The decision on who should start as the shooting guard for the New York Knicks is not a straightforward one. Both Donte DiVincenzo and Quentin Grimes bring unique skills to the table, making the choice a matter of balancing offensive firepower with defensive solidity. Regardless of who starts, the Knicks have a deep team that can adapt to various situations, trying to break through the ceiling of being a middle-tier playoff Eastern Conference team. 


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