Del North and The Buffalo Bills

Husband of NY Governor Scores BIGLY in New Bills Stadium Deal

You have to love how some of these stories just write themselves. I remember back in 2020 the State of New York was begging the Federal Government for relief and aid, while other states had their finances budgeted. Right when we got touchy Cuomo out of office and his brother Fredo off the air we, the State of New York, now have this Interim Governor and by her actions has already showed us she rather cater to big special interest and even her family rather the people of New York State. You know, because money talks and bullshit takes the bus. Just take a look at what we posted yesterday on instagram attached here. Tires blowing up left and right? Fuck it. Programs for the kids? Tell them to stay stupid. Granting over $800 million in tax payer money to the new Bills stadium where your hubby is the General Counsel for the hospitality firm for all the concessions in the stadium? Priceless.

Add this to the list of reasons the Governor was booed at Madison Square Garden when the Rangers played the Ducks on “Women’s Empowerment Night”…True story. This is the type of stuff that drives all of us irate and for people to leave the state. 

For those who do not know William J Hochul Jr. aka “the First Spouse of New York.” He also serves as senior vice president, general counsel and secretary for Delaware North, a global leader in hospitality and entertainment. What do you know? 

Delaware North has operated concessions, premium dining and retail services at Highmark Stadium since 1992. The 71,870-seat venue is home of the NFL’s Buffalo Bills. Delaware North’s culinary team creates locally and regionally inspired fare for the stadium’s 66 concession outlets. Premium dining includes 123 suites and seven clubs offering in-seat service. Delaware North manages 19 retail outlets, including a year-round team store and 18 permanent and portable stands.

In his role, Hochul manages the legal function for the company and provides advice and counsel to senior management in all legal matters involving Delaware North or its operating companies. His responsibilities also include oversight of the company’s numerous regulatory and legal compliance requirements, along with its vast array of licenses throughout the world. I straight up plagiarized directly from Delaware North’s website, by the way, before you call us some tinfoil hat crazy guys.  

We all love football, but for New Yorkers safety on the road or for education please spend the outrageous tax dollars you bring in on something that helps all of us instead of a team that blows playoff leads and overtimes. Yeah it may be the only true NY football team it just shows the standard of politics in 2022. Remember all of this stuff when you vote people. 

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