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Is Deshaun Watson’s Apology An Admission of Guilt?

This is why we have the rule of “No Apologies.” Deshaun Watson has opened a can of worms, where he can potentially seem himself get burned. With a minimum six game suspension looming, Watson is already facing Roger Goodell. The NFL are sticking to their guns and flexing their muscles trying to get Watson to sit out for another full season, but this time at another NFL franchises expense. Watson and his camp said they are “willing to accept an eight game suspension” and $5 million fine. Consider that the NFL equivalent of one of us paying the cops in Cabo on Spring Break to not arrest us for peeing in the street. 

Aside from the legal trouble, you have to wonder how this is effecting the Cleveland Browns locker room and how this effects their expectations for this season? Watson to Brissett is a Ferrari to a ’06 Honda. We are going to look back at this as a wasted roster. Regardless of Watsons return, the pending anticipation of what is going to happen next can effect the 53-100 guys at beginning and end of training camp. With a talented roster filled with Myles Garrett, Nick Chubb, Amari Cooper and Denzel Ward, the Browns better be ready to survive and advanced with whomever is under center. We all know the window to win in the NFL can close quickly. 

Jaguars fans did not hold back when trolling Watson in the first preseason game. We should expect that whenever he makes his return to the field. 

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