Trump Raid

The 2022 Political Circus Continues – Days After the Trump, Mar-A-Lago Raid

The plot thickens in the U.S. Political movie of 2022. This week was filled with news of inflation, the continuation Russia and Ukraine saga, the post-Pelosi trip to Taiwan, Hillary Clinton back in the merch game and most BIGLY the raid of 45th President Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago estate in Florida being raided by the FBI. I don’t know if it was just the history books that scare us, but if they can raid a former president they can do it to just about anyone who is not with the Corrupt Political Establishment of the United States. 

We just have questions about the Mar-A-Lago raid. Who was the judge that signed the order? Did they have specific documents missing which could be seen as evidence? What evidence was actually obtained? Did Donald Trump have any tip of this happening? He had to have known this was going to come at any point from January 2021 to now, right?

What pisses us off is that the FBI is funded with our money. When are we going to come to the conclusion that all three letter agencies are nothing but a money sucking waste who do the dirty work for whomever is really in charge? They have been chasing this family since 2015 and if the Feds are a business when are the people going to see their Return on Investment? I mean, if we want to allocate those funds to something more meaningful, we are down for the whole Epstein Empire. 

To stay on topic this week, we now have the Trump base fired up, as the former president gets raided while Crackhead Hunter Biden gets to live in the height of luxury. Never seen a crackhead that was Teflon, but nothing is real in 2022. We have the left saying “lock him up” while the mainstream media suggests this was not a “raid.” Only for the Attorney General Merrick Garland to come out the very next day stating that he personally approved the decision to search Trump’s Florida estate. Then he asked another federal judge to unseal the warrant. This story may be building up suspense our guess is that it will be the Russia Report…The Sequel.

If they had something they would’ve put the cuffs on him because the left simply want to embarrass them and see him rot. As political and global tensions rise we are going to see the Polticial War continue. Each side its searching for wins as we edge closer and closer to Mid-Term Election Day.

Stay tuned folks, the stove will only get hotter as we approach. 


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