Red October

It is Red October-There is No Escaping.

All we can do is get in position and brace ourselves. Pray for the best and expect the worst. Your favorite football team sucks, your favorite baseball team blew their divisional title down the stretch, you have not won a bet in weeks, love is ending, life is beginning, your stock portfolio is down -69%, stress levels are at an all time high and life is not necessarily a picnic right now. 

It is almost at the point that if it is not in your control. Don’t worry about it because it’s already going against you in this risk model. The Big Short 2, IT’S YOU!

Good news is at least one of your friends is also going through it too. You don’t believe us? Text some of your friends, ask them how they are doing. For all you know you could have just opened the dialogue both of you needed. 

For most of us reading this, it is the first time of our lives where we are in or almost full control of all your decisions. Scary, overwhelming, frustrating and however else you are feeling. The only thing we can really do is stay the course. Just know it all is going to work out, because it has to. Let us become a little more self-aware, understand what is lacking or overwhelming you in life and make that change or we are just leading ourselves towards self destruction. 

If you find yourself overly frustrated, go find something to pace your mind until you get tired. Being angry is exhausting you might as well burn steam. Good luck and we’ll see you in November. Even if we are disheveled. 

We are here for you. 



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