Debt? Cancel All of It

This week the United States Government debt hit an all time high of $31,000,000,000. That’s TRILLION! This is $93,000 per person. Good luck trying to get that from everyone. This news falls upon deaf ears because we all know NOBODY is paying that off. The debt is becoming so large that soon the interest that will be accrued by it will surpass the yearly government budget. If you are in your 20’s this will happen in your life time. This will be made worse by the forced increase in interest rates that are required to limit inflation. 

Unfortunately this means that government programs like Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security will not be financially viable for this generation of Americans. This isn’t a guess or wild speculation. If the US Government continues to level the budget unbalanced and does not begin paying down debt immediately this debt crisis will spiral out of control. 

Since the odds of Washington DC getting their shit together any time soon is slim-to-none, I suggest another option: $31 Trillion in debt? CANCEL IT. They cancelled $10,000 worth of our student loans right? Why stop there? During COVID The Fed fired up the money printer and created a few trillion. Stopping there would be cowardly and the money printer should not be turned off until every cent of US debt is paid off. Some may argue by doing this that the value of the US Dollar will become debased and destroyed by inflation. Well guess what? The USD is not backed by anything but the faith in the current financial system. Do you have faith in a system that ran up a $31 Trillion dollar tab in your name? I surely don’t. So fire up the printer we are CANCELLING ALL DEBTS. 


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