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Kanye on Tucker Carlson, How Brady is Getting the Kanye Treatment

I watched the two hour Kanye West interview with Tucker Carlson. For those who didn’t watch it (those who wrote him off as crazy or whatever narrative the mainstream media is pushing), or maybe only saw a few clips, I’m going to break it down. Kanye had said some good things, but we know the media likes to push the negative. 

Granted it was during a Thursday Night Football game, but what I find interesting was a lot of it flew under the radar on social media. Not a lot of talk about it on a Friday when you would at least think the media would have some sort of story or effort to invalidate him or whatever he had said. I mean he gave them a lay up pushing a “White Lives Matter” shirt which he seemed to have an interesting answer to.  

To shine a light on my favorite parts of the interview: Kanye was calm, articulated with his points, and kept the ranting to a minimum. What I also appreciated was the vast variety of topics they got to cover. They talked about abortion, American culture, education, Kim Kardashian and her relationship with the Clintons, handlers in the business world and press. 

Dig a little deeper and Kanye really gets into Jared and Josh Kushner while praising both Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka. He even goes in and describes that people like Josh and Jared Kushner are the type of people who hold others in positions of power, like Donald Trump, back; who Kanye claims only wanted the best for our country. He touches on his relationship with Elon Musk and how even as the richest black man in history he still had people trying to stay the script and maintain a status quo for others with undisclosed motives and secret agendas that benefited nobody but themselves. Again, hear the guy out, because the more facts you gain the stove only seems to get hotter. He went on to describe his past experiences to try and expose how the media and high end influencers have the real control of the script regardless if they actually hunted for the truth or not. 

How Brady is Getting the Kanye Treatment

The fake news sports media has given Tom Brady the Kanye treatment. They are making him out to be this absentee father, when in reality (other than shitting on our favorite football teams year after year) it seems he devotes his life to his family when he is out there doing his day job. I mean fuck it, most of our dads put in those hours and regular jobs and we can’t even pay to make ourselves prettier. 

The memes, the takes, the over analyzing every fucking word this guy says. Even with the seven Super Bowls the guy is still human. We are at the point where we do not know the full story, don’t even care to ask or respect any privacy. This is so wrong that I am actually going out of my way to defend Tom Brady. They love you when you are up, but they will kick you when you are down. I may wish he would suck on the field or just retire already, but If there is one thing I can bet you is that the guy is going through enough. We know him as a football player. Instead, the world is taking their family grief into a BravoTV episode for their personal entertainment or gain. The last thing the guy needs is the entire world telling his kids that their daddy doesn’t love them because he is continuing his pursuit of an athletic achievement that no man has ever done before. 

If you are the best at anything, why would you stop?


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