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Knicks Win 6 Of Their Last 7: Returning to Full Form

Expectations can make fans go mad. The first month of the Knicks season on social media was intolerable. Finally, we are being served what we asked, the New York Knicks‘ recent winning streak. 

Displaying impressive team basketball and guys stepping up in the lineup, the Knicks have won six out of their last seven games, creating a wave of excitement as the Knicks are displaying their full brand of basketball. 

The Winning Streak

The Knicks’ winning streak began with a strong victory against the Washington Wizards, followed by back-to-back wins over the Charlotte Hornets. Teams they SHOULD beat, but even though you should beat these teams, you actually have to go out and do it.

It was also good to see RJ Barrett back in the lineup after missing a few games with lingering migraines.

Each game showed the team’s identity and ability to put teams away in the 4th quarter to seal a victory or win a close one like they did on the road in Atlanta this past week. 

Jalen Brunson: The Driving Force

Jalen Brunson has been instrumental in this winning streak. He scored 32 points against the Charlotte Hornets, with 26 of those points earned in the first half of the game. His performance was a significant factor in the Knicks’ decisive 122-108 victory.

Cementing himself as the teams floor general and closer, Jalen Brunson is picking up where he left off last year. Full control of the game and creating shots for himself and his teammates. 

Donte DiVincenzo: Getting Comfortable

With Quentin Grimes out with a sprained left wrist, Donte DiVincenzo was an absolute flamethrower, putting up a career-high 25 points in the game against the Hornets. His impressive 7 out of 10 shooting from downtown is an additional spice that the Knicks lacked whey they have struggled offensively. 

Support from the Team

The Knicks’ success is not only due to individual performances but also a result of collective effort. Julius Randle contributed 21 points, R.J. Barrett added 15 points, and Mitchell Robinson dominated the rebound game with a total of 14. 

I will continue to stan Mitchell Robinson. He continues to do the dirty work and is making history on the offensive glass. His teammates are paying the big man’s efforts with ally-oop attempts at the rim. Happy to see him continue to make his mark night in and night out. 

The Hornets’ Resistance

The Knicks simply overpowered the Charlotte Hornets’ efforts in the 4th quarter to put the game away.

Rookie Brandon Miller, whose shooting form appeared to be flawless, scored a career-high 29 points, and LaMelo Ball led all scorers with 34 points. However, even though they excited the crowd at times, their efforts were not enough to help the Hornets overcome the Knicks’ lead. 

It was incredible to hear “Let’s Go Knicks” in both Charlotte and Washington D.C. these past couple of games. Love seeing orange and blue take over an arena. 

The Knicks’ Strategy

The Knicks have officially established an identity. They are going to beat you down on the glass, give themselves extra opportunities, share the basketball and always play defense.

It may have gotten off to a rocky start, but with their winning streak the Knicks have shown their commitment to their identity and strategic gameplay. 

Against the bad teams, they’ve consistently built a comfortable lead early in the game, allowing them to manage any comeback attempts from their opponents. This strategy has been evident as 5 out of their 6 wins on this run have been by double digits. 

Looking Ahead

The Knicks’ winning streak has undoubtedly boosted their confidence. You can see everyone finally getting comfortable on the offensive end. The defensive effort was always there, but the chemistry that is building is exciting.

However, they are aware that the journey is far from over. Their next challenge lies in their game against the Minnesota Timberwolves, who have already beat the Knicks this season and Miami who eliminated the Knicks in the 2nd round of the Eastern Conference playoffs last year. 


The New York Knicks’ winning streak has demonstrated the team’s identity, strategic gameplay, and collective effort. The journey ahead is filled with challenging games, but if the Knicks continue to play they can continue their winning streak and prove they are a legitimate playoff threat. 

We have seen them beat up on the bad teams but their losses were served by the better class of NBA teams. Now, with everything coming to form, we hope the Knicks can find the continuity and groove to serve up losses to the elite teams of the NBA. 

Upcoming Games:

  1. @ Minnesota on Monday
  2. vs. Miami on Friday
  3. vs. Phoenix on Sunday

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