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“My Body, My Choice” Makes An Epic 2022 Comeback

Look at the old white bigots trying to steal the right for women to make decision regarding their own bodies. THATS RIGHT LOOK AGAIN! TELL US WHAT YOU SEE COWARD!!! STOP LISTENING TO THE TV AND MAYBE DO SOME READING BEFORE YOU PANIC YOU SHEEP! Here we are, in a never ending cycle of what topic we can all yell at each other about and make no progress. Before you get your panties in a bunch we should all establish some common ground here.  Let’s say we all can agree that the people sharing graphics on Instagram and Twitter can’t help themselves, and they should probably realize they are contributing NOTHING. You are feeding into a dead end content pool with an audience that does not care and rather see someone falling, what makeup Kim Kardashian is promoting, or will choose to be a phony activist for the next cycle the Fake News media wants us all to be mad at in a week. Get over yourselves!

This is all politics for another cycle of midterm elections upcoming in November. Nobody is safe from this political war. The leak in itself is criminal and somehow that’s going to fly under the radar in a week while big companies and influencers will continue driving peoples emotions through the roof for likes and SEO traffic for their brands. Because at the end of the day, it’s all about a business opportunity. They do not give a shit. At this point abortion rights is one of those really stupid arguments that people have just for the sake of fighting. If we established a little “Common Sense” (a lost art today) here we should be able to determine there are very clear moral standpoints that can be agreed upon by mostly everyone. If you won’t let a rape victim have an abortion you’re a piece of shit. If you wait until the third trimester and kill an almost fully developed baby you’re also a piece of shit. If the mother is at any risk or in harms way if she were to continue the pregnancy well the mother has to save her own life. Again, COMMON SENSE! There should be no 30 day trial without a credit card and then deciding to put a coat hanger to the baby. If we want to start at common ground why can’t we agree on 20 weeks? It’s up to 20 weeks in nearly every country in the world. Not as much grey area as everyone wants there to be. But again, we will reiterate the politicians do not give a fuck about it. It’s just a voter issue they can wave around as they fight for power between federal and state governments. Remember, “power” is the ball these phony politicians have their eye on and they will squirm and slither to get it. For more context, see below for a graphic that will provide a pretty good sypnosis on what is allegedly going down this summer according to this leak. 

I know what you may be thinking, religion should not matter in this upcoming ruling 9separation of church and state). Abortion should not be illegal. Let’s take a quick U.S history lesson. We tried to ban guns, people are still getting shot. They tried to ban crack/drugs with “The War On Drugs” where drugs has taken a demanding 3-1 series lead. Dating back to destroying communities across the USA back in the 1980’s. All that being said, the AH consensus points to the idea that flat out banning abortions would be irresponsible and stupid. A concern among us is that if the decision is deferred to the states is that this argument that was once heard in federal court is now going to need to be heard in each state, rather than the federal protection Roe v. Wade provided if the leak is true and it will be overturned this summer. The worst thing imaginable is women start going to dirty underground abortion clinics or go back to throwing themselves down the stairs because the responsibility of growing a human person in you can drive a new level of anxiety. Let’s not forget the people’s mental health who are involved in the entire situation. Somehow that always slips peoples minds even though May is “Mental Health Awareness Month”….Go figure.

Now in terms of the leak, this is something that requires some accountability. It also sounds like the plot to the movie Swing Vote (but we can talk about us living in a simulation in another blog). WE NEED AND WANT ANSWERS. WHO, WHEN, and HOW did this happen? Guess we can consider it the next topic for the Left vs. Right battle, as they call everyone a bigot as the integrity of the highest court of the United States has been undermined and possibly under attack by an individual(s) with their own agenda. More to unfold as we put our tinfoil hats on. 

“A wise man told me don't argue with fools. Cause people from a distance can't tell who is who.”


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