JJ Redick is No Longer A Villain

JJ Redick molded himself into one of the most noteworthy and memorable villains in basketball during his time at Duke. While Coach K and the Blue Devils never won a National Title, Redick spent four years at Durham and was the National Player of the Year in ’06, as well as a 2x All-American and ACC PoY. He was a stud, and not since Christian Laettner was anyone hated as much (Grayson Allen came after JJ).

With his playing days in the rearview mirror, JJ has pivoted to sports media. His podcast, The Old Man & the Three, hosts a blend of guests from current and former NBA players/coaches, to actors and celebrities who are basketball fanatics. He is also a frequent guest on ESPN’s First Take and a color commentator for NBA games. 

He’s really good at it.

Redick consistently challenges other panelists when they make outrageous takes, or completely contradict themselves. Like recently, when Mad Dog said Bob Cousy was better than Chris Paul.

JJ is not with the BS. He clearly hates the shallow, attention grabbing headline conversations that ESPN trots out there every morning. He doesn’t mince words, and he sticks to his convictions about how the game should be played. The guy straight up loves basketball and has a natural gift for articulating his points, which not every athlete has (no matter how hard media companies try to push them onto us).

His response to Mad Dog Russo today about Draymond Green, when Russo essentially told Draymond to “shut up and dribble,” had unanimously won over NBA Twitter. Just from watching him on TV, you can tell JJ loves debate, but he does not tolerate stupidity. 

He is quickly ascending as one of my favorite athletes-turned-personality. Keep up the good work JJ.

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