New NBA Top 100 Lists For This Season, Do They Make Sense?

CBS Sports, ESPN, and pretty much every sports media outlet under the sun are starting to release their Top 100 Players of 2022-23 Season rankings.

The big talking point this year is that LeBron has been ranked seventh on these lists. Many believe the 37-year-old 4x MVP is no longer a top five player in the NBA.


Here’s the top 15:

15. Devin Booker

14. Trae Young

13. Damien Lillard

12. Ja Morant

11. Paul George

10. Jimmy Butler

9. Jayson Tatum

8. Kawhi Leonard

7. LeBron James

6. Joel Embiid

5. Luka Doncic

4. Nikola Jokic

3. Kevin Durant

2. Steph Curry

1. Giannis Antetokounmpo

Truth be told, I don’t have a ton of problems with this list, even though I usually hate them. Damien Lillard, Jayson Tatum, and Kawhi Leonard are a little high for me. But I’ve always had my problems with Tatum, Kawhi and Lillard haven’t played in a year, so jury is out on them, but obviously they are super talented. I personally don’t like ranking players so high when they haven’t played in forever. 

That’s all nitpicking though. The biggest issue on this list is where LeBron falls. SEVENTH. Sports writers are out here trying to tell you, the people, that LeBron James is the seventh best player in basketball. It’s crazy talk. A guy who just averaged 30/8/6 on 52/36/76 at age 36 in his 19th season is only the seventh best player?

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Although it isn’t my main gripe, Joel Embiid being sixth is also a huge problem. So let’s restructure the top five:

  1. Giannis

I think it’s pretty clear to everyone who watches basketball that Giannis is the single most dominant player in the league, and he is only getting better.

2. Steph

Hard to move Steph out of the second spot after what he just proved this year and the Finals performance he had.

3. Jokic

I may not be as enamored with Jokic as others, but he is a supremely unique and talented player. You don’t just luck your way into back-to-back MVPs (even though I thought Embiid deserved it last year). 

4. Embiid

Like I said, I thought Embiid really deserved the MVP last year, but it is what it is. He is still the most unstoppable force in the paint in the NBA.

5. LeBron

LeBron is still a top five player. It’s way closer than people think too, but I’m trying to be objective here. I rattled off his stats, he’s a beast. Don’t sleep.

6. Luka

This was the hardest decision, but someone had to get booted. I hold no ill will towards Luka, I think he has a really really good chance to win MVP this year. But right now, I’m taking the other five players over him.

7. Durant

Sorry Kev, hopefully this article doesn’t find you because I don’t want you getting mad. I think the Nets team experiment he got himself into has been a complete and total failure. And that really factors into my decision here. I can’t justifiably put him top five.

For what it’s worth, my completely selfish, objective top five is: Giannis, LeBron, Steph, Luka, Embiid. I could argue this list is legit, but again, I was trying to be objective.

Thank you for your time, don’t be surprised if LeBron finishes top five in MVP voting this year, his 20th season.

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