Traditional Professionalism

A New Age: How Traditional Professionalism is Overrated.

It’s Monday…Only 40 more years of doing this until retirement…typically.

Continuing from our talk about “The Golden Handcuffs,” we want to address how our world has changed in just the past two years, and how traditional professionalism is a thing of the past. Taking any silver lining from the pandemic, if you have the talent, skills and balls, now is the time to take some risk. If you are in your twenties: soak it all in because this is your day. 

Think about it, the employer has lost some leverage during these strange times. Some of these companies have, or are going too, start begging people to come back. If you force them back, they are just going to take off and go somewhere where the policy is not as strict. If not, they play hard ball, push people out while they carry the burden of training new folks. At the end of the day, if you aren’t happy where you are, you should always keep your ear to the ground for another opportunity.

Nothing can be more frustrating than exterior factors that give others the chance to perceive you from a distance without getting to really know you. What happened to the work speaking for itself? When you try to be more than just your job, step outside of the typical guidelines, try to create your own path, it can lead to friction at times. Then the status quo leads to the word “traditionally” or “family” gets thrown around. Kind of toxic if you ask us. Look out for yourself in any way your superior gets to throw that little bit of guilt. Even if you know you are not doing anything wrong, they have to flex knowing they are the authority.

We have never been a fan of “it used to be done this way” kind of people. It kind of gets annoying keeping everybody, even yourself, within the box. How can companies who pride themselves on innovation, and being a “fast-pace” environment worry about those little things when ultimately we are told we have bigger fish to fry?

I’m talking about the way you dress, how you look, how you talk, your personality, yada yada yada. The type of petty stuff when they want you to do things exactly like them or by the book. If you don’t, they’ll do anything they can do to metaphorically stick their foot out when you’re racing, trying to get wherever you are striving to go.  

But the Golden Handcuffs, the ultimate controller, is our jobs. Some of us gotta keep the lights on, rent, child support, alimony (not us yet, but it is the inevitable) and to be fair some of our jobs provide us with our respective lifestyles. If CEO’s at Wall Street banks can turn up their influencer game like Jefferies, Rich Handler or turn to a passion like spinning records like David “DJ D-Sol” Solomon of Goldman Sachs, there is no reason we don’t have the time to follow our own respective dreams and goals. If Step Brothers taught us anything “Don’t Lose Your Dinosaur” and find something that makes you more than just your job. 

We will leave you with that. Don’t be mediocre. Go earn what is yours.

With Love,

The Animal House


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