Speaker of House 2023-2

New Year, Same Incompetent Government.

As If you needed another reason to be embarrassed of U.S politics, the House of Representatives just delivered. Some of us crawled into 2023, and here we are on day four. and the people we “elected” in this past years Mid-Terms cannot get their heads out of their ass and pick who Speaks for them. It’s actually comical. For those who didn’t pay attention in History, don’t worry. I’ll giving you a briefing before we move forward:

1. Every two years, the majority party in the House of Representatives elects a Speaker from its membership. The Speaker is usually the leader of the majority party and is typically the most powerful member of the House.   
2. A few days before the House convenes for the start of a new Congress, the majority party holds a closed-door caucus to vote on the Speaker. The caucus is attended by all members of the majority party.   
Step 3: At the caucus, each member nominates a candidate for Speaker. The members then vote by secret ballot. The candidate that receives the most votes is declared the winner and will become the next Speaker.   
Step 4: Once the caucus is over, the winning candidate is announced to the House. On the first day of the new Congress, the House votes to officially elect the Speaker. All members of the House, regardless of party affiliation, can vote for the Speaker.   
Step 5: If the majority party’s candidate receives the majority of votes from the House, then they are elected Speaker. The Speaker is then sworn in and begins to preside over the House. 

Simple right? I mean it’s only been done every four years since forever. But in the post-Donald Trump era, U.S Politics has been nothing but a BravoTV broadcast portraying the incompetence, failure, and corruption of those involved. Nothing really happens, it’s just a squatting platform for more TV face time and making powerful friends. 

I’m sure the Left is getting a kick out of the Right not approving top House Republican Kevin McCarthy SIX (6) times! Yes, six times these shmucks voted, and the result remained the same. Even after Donald Trump backed McCarthy, encouraging the Republicans to get this done and “continue business.” This only confirms that the Right was really at war with themselves from 2016 to now. Their inability to show unity is finally coming to the surface after the silent war between the MAGA Republicans and the RINOs. 

With the incompetents returning to the Chambers at 8 pm Wednesday, let’s see if they can actually earn their salaries that they leverage to insider trade. Just remember: if you were as bad at your job as they have been the last few days, you’d probably be fired.

Stay well friends and encourage your smartest friends to get involved in politics because DAMN, we need it.

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