Russia UFO

Russian Space Wars

Russian authorities claim to have shot down an Unidentified Flying Object in southern Russia this week. In a statement from the Governor of Rostovoblast, Vasily Golubev the Russian military intercepted a “small-size object in the shape of a ball” that was flying over the village of Sultan Sala on January 3rd. 

According to reports, the UFO was shot down at 8,000 feet and the object was recovered by the Russian military. Video of the event was captured and the orbed object can be seen getting hit with anti-aircraft weaponry, in an event that mirrors the explosion of the Death Star. 

It’s hard to believe anything that comes out of Russia today, but the chances that this event actually occurred is non-zero. The chances that this was a drone from Western forces seems like a likely explanation of what took forth in this event. In the off chance that this was an extraterrestrial vehicle that was destroyed by the Russians, maybe ET could help the west rid the world of their violence, corruption and ignorance?

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