Jets 2023 Season

The New York Jets Season Was As Bad As We Thought

The 2023 season of the New York Jets has been one for the books, and not in the most flattering sense. After an offseason filled with fan propaganda and high expectations, the team has undergone a series of unfortunate events and mishaps.

This ultimately led to an eye-bleeding season that has left fans and critics alike scratching their heads. The Athletic’s reporters Dianna Russini and Zack Rosenblatt provided an in-depth analysis of what went wrong in their article, ‘Aaron Rodgers, Robert Saleh and how the Jets’ season fell apart: ‘Something has to change’. After reading it in its entirety we summarize their findings and delve into the key issues that plagued the Jets throughout the season.

Part 1: Aaron Rodgers – The Front Office Darling and Achilles Heel

Ties to the Front Office

Aaron Rodgers, the four-time All-Pro quarterback, was the Jets’ prized acquisition prior to the 2023 season. His close relationship with the Jets’ front office, particularly with General Manager Joe Douglas, was a factor in his decision to sign an extension the team. Rodgers was given a direct line of communication to Douglas, a privilege that few players are granted. Almost like the LeBron GM jokes we all make.

This close relationship led to some questioning who was truly making the decisions in the Jets’ front office. Based on their signings this past offseason and some of their coaching personnel, it was evident that Rodgers had more of an immediate influence than people perceived.  

A Season Cut Short

We know how the story went. After the dramatic entrance, Rodgers’ season was cut short due to a devastating Achilles injury during the team’s season opener. This injury forced the Jets fans to drastically lower their expectations and delude themselves that this team was meant for survival. Despite this setback, Rodgers remained a significant presence within the team, even from the sidelines.

Part 2: Zach Wilson – From the Bench to the Fire

The 2023 season was meant to be a developmental year for the young quarterback Zach Wilson. He was expected to learn from Rodgers and improve his skills on the sideline. Fans loved him in that role, and many even raved about his attitude during this last summer’s edition of Hard Knocks. However, following Rodgers’ injury, Wilson was thrust back into the starting role, a position he was not prepared for.

His relationship with Rodgers and the coaching staff grew strained. As a result, his performance on the field left much to be desired. It became clear that Wilson was not ready to take on the responsibilities of a starting quarterback, and that the Jets were not ready for him to be their QB, especially in the wake of Rodgers’ absence. So much so, it was confirmed that Zach Wilson initially did not want the starting job back when offered after his benching. This marked a moment where the cracks really started to show for the Jets and just how dysfunctional they were.

Part 3: Nathaniel Hackett – The Detail-Deficient Offensive Coordinator

Lack of Attention to Detail

Throughout the season, the Jets’ offensive coordinator, Nathaniel Hackett, was criticized by insiders for his lack of attention to detail. Despite being handpicked by Rodgers himself, Hackett struggled to adapt to the changes brought about by Rodgers’ injury. It kind of stinks when the true OC was on the field. His inability to adjust the offense to suit the team’s new reality and poor game preparation led to a stagnant and flat out bad offensive unit. It was almost as if he was trying to coach for Rodgers return instead of dealing with the tasks that was right in front of him. Giving the other Jets QBs no chance behind their low ranking offensive line. 

Part 4: Robert Saleh – The Coach Overwhelmed by the Big Apple

Unfair Media Coverage

Head Coach Robert Saleh often expressed his frustration with the negative press coverage the Jets received. He felt that the media were unfairly harsh on the Jets compared to other teams, particularly the New York Giants. This sentiment added to the overall tension within the team throughout the season.

This included leaks revolving around Zach Wilson not wanting to be the starter after he was benched; and having coaches meetings trying to identify those leaking information to the press. Overall, it appears the outside noise negatively effected Saleh, ultimately standing in the way of the most important thing, winning, 

Job Security Concerns

As the Jets’ struggles continued, Saleh’s job security became a topic of concern. Despite his efforts to stay positive, Saleh was reportedly concerned about his future with the Jets. He sought public endorsements from both Rodgers and owner Woody Johnson to quell the rumors about his job security. It was almost as if he needed the assurance that it wasn’t his fault the season didn’t go as planned. The defense still performed somewhat well even after being put in bad situations time after time.

Onto 2024

The 2023 season of the New York Jets was a tumultuous one marked by misfortune and internal struggles. Despite all the initial excitement, the loss of Aaron Rodgers, and the issues that arose in his absence proved too much to overcome. However, with Rodgers’ anticipated return in 2024, the Jets hope the party was just rescheduled and not canceled. 

As for Dianna Russini, her deep-dive report alongside Zack Rosenblatt has certainly confirmed a lot of what we already knew. They covered this situation all season to provide a spotlight on the internal workings of the team. With all the extra baggage that has come with the 2023 season, it may lead them to worry about it leaking into 2024. 


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