The Offseason Champions Have Arrived – Go Jets

Hi, New York Football Fans. I hope you enjoyed this past postseason a whole lot more than I did. Yes, I bet against Patrick Mahomes. Yes, I was one of those guys who thought, “The +2 Spread has not moved for a reason. Vegas knows what is going to happen. Brock Purdy will shock the world.” Yes, I will never bet against Mr. Mahomes again. With that being said… let’s get down to business New York Jets Fans, it’s time to be offseason champions again.

2023 Season

Looking back on this past season, we all know the biggest elephant in the locker room, outside of the offensive line, was the back up quarterback position. It was downright foolish of our front office to have this beaten, bruised and battered young quarterback potentially have the responsibility of playing in a win-and-in game, let alone a playoff game. It was clearly the correct move for the Jets to acquire a seasoned back up who can give you competent offensive play on a consistent basis. Two names come to mind in that regard: Jacoby Brissett and Ryan Tannehill, who would have been our guys when Rodgers got hurt. However, lo and behold… the New York Jets did not follow through. Moving on, let’s please put this past season in the “Never Want to Remember” pile.

Looking Forward

Going into this 2024 offseason, the first move the Jets made was a favorable one, in my opinion. Laken Tomlinson, probably one of the least efficient offensive guards in the NFL, has been released. I am pleased he is gone, as he is easily replaceable even if we were to get an unreliable player to fill his spot to half his asking price, if not less. There are a list of priorities I have that I think will make the Jets the best possible team they can be.

Absolute Musts

  1. Resign Bryce Huff – The leading edge rusher on third down had incredible consistency when in the game, and especially in crunch time situations.
  2. Cut CJ Uzomah – His 29 Catches for 290 Yards and three touchdowns is clearly a bust signing. Cut him. Ruckert and Conklin are more than we need for now.
  3. Receivers, Receivers, Receivers – Whether it be a star wide receiver or just a general safety net for Rodgers. Replacing the soccer bum Lazard, we need more weaponry in the air.
  4. Offensive Line Pickups
    1. David Bakhtiari – LT who dealt with consistent injury in recent years, potentially good back up tackle for cheap.
    2. Cam Robinson – This LT was one of the top blockers on the Jaguars since 2021, and is looked at as inconsistent because of recent injury history, as well.
    3. Cody Whitehair – Seasoned offensive guard from the Chicago Bears. Why not?
  5. Draft Offensive Tackle – The Jets have the tenth overall pick in the draft, so it’s not a given that a top tier offensive lineman will be there, but it’s also not impossible. Hopefully someone falls to that spot.
Link via Associated Press

There is a clear cut path in obtaining what we need to be successful next season. I am not a GM, this blog will affect nothing, and the Jets will inevitably f*%& this up. I am here for the long run, but we all know the time to win is now. Let’s have a bangin’ offseason and go into next year bringing the big guns.

In Joe Douglas We Trust,

Guyzo Frank


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