‘Prey’ is a Certified Revival Point For The ‘Predator’ Franchise

Minor Spoilers Ahead

The newest installment to The Predator franchise was a straight to Hulu movie prequel story: Prey. Surprisingly enough, after the last movie, The Predator, was horrific, this one was a breath of fresh air and revived the franchise with its ability to be unique but also offer more to the lore of the franchise. Set in the Northern Great Plains in the United States in 1719, Naru, a young Comanche women who wants to be a great hunter like her brother, discovers a Predator. 

The Predator appears much differently than it has been. With each sequel, the Predator evolved into a beast a far cry from the original Predator film. In this one, however, it appears to be less technologically advance, its trademark helmet replaced with a giant skull, but still having a targeting device. It has its two-pronged blade, as well as its bladed net and bombs that come from a gauntlet. His purpose is much different, though, as this is possibly the first time the Predator species has visited Earth. The Predator is shown hunting different Predators, attempting to discover what is at the top of the food chain so it could hunt. 

Without giving away too much of the plot, the movie does a great job of setting up why the Predator keeps coming back to Earth for their hunt. Prey is able to tie it to the previous films, specifically the first two, while also being its own individual story. It did an even better job explaining how the Predator thinks, and that it isn’t just a mindless killing machine, but there are strict rules to the hunt that it follows. Amber Midthunder and Dakota Beavers were also great as the brother-sister duo Naru and Taabe. 

Overall, I’d give Prey a very solid 8/10. It is easily the best Predator movie we’ve gotten since the original. The first is a classic, the second I’m pretty indifferent to, I really enjoyed Predators in 2010, and The Predator was an abomination. Safe to say this movie needed to hit in order to keep the franchise going, and it did just that.

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