Front Porch test

Random Sunday Thought- Tearing Down a Double Standard.

There was a debate that broke out the other day and I say we nip this in the butt right now. I have a very simple question: Why can girls shit on their friends boyfriends and get away with it? They make their comments, share everything wrong with this person and pull every skeleton out of their closet, then claim that they care about their friend and want to see them do better. Totally fine and respectable.  

Especially when they see their friend get treated like garbage or taken advantage of, but when I do it for my boys I’m some sort of dirtbag who doesn’t want to see their friend happy. As a person who had met some terrible people, witnessed and watched many many toxic relationships, I’d like to think I’ve developed a pretty decent judgement of character. I’m not here to complain about my friends shacking up in my mid 20s. It was expected and we are happy some are joining our AH family. I’m not anti-girlfriend, I’m anti-pucchiacca who are going to ruin our friends life.


Some of my boys are lucky as can be. Their girls pass the front porch test and I can foresee happily ever after. When I think this woman is adding value and can create something beautiful with my friend, I’m usually a pig in shit. The others it’s like watching two trains collide with each other or a piano ready to fall from the sky. A pending disaster. But me, I’m that friend with the loud mouth. One truth teller is more valuable than 50 yes men. 

Last thing I want to see is my boy get stripped of the prime of his life, get fat, waste their hard earned cash because they are blind to the fact that this person they are with has their own ego, insecurities, personal agenda and sometimes just flat out need professional help. 

Side note: no shame in that game. I’ve gone. It’s excellent. Hopefully they read this and take that step.

Somehow they always get away with it because they have a woman reproductive body part. How can rationality compete when vagina is so blinding? Now understanding how real it is all getting your boy hasn’t gotten it through his thick skull that he is her last chance at security because chances are the prime of her life has passed and there is no better than the men of AH. Regardless of the outcome I guess we have to be supportive, but I won’t keep my comments to myself because what’s the biggest consequence? I can’t see my boy anymore? She’s already done such a good job hiding him for so long that we don’t see him anyway. We might as well throw our stones at him so he can at least know how we feel. 

Again, we aren’t saying this to be mean or because we want our friend to come out with us and booze hard on a Saturday like we did back in the day. Of course we want those things but most importantly we just don’t want to see this bitch ruin our friends life. It’s never too late! We will accept you during your inevitable mid-life crisis with arms wide open. 

With Love Always.



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